Bianchi Being Indicted Again

Don’t know why, but as I write, this Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan is holding a press conference about which McHenry County Blog was not informed.

Maybe it’s because I asked Tonigan how much he was being paid per hour the last and only time time I saw him.

Tonigan still hasn’t revealed that detail or submitted any detailed billing information.

Bianchi’s attorney’s statement is here.

Tonigan’s indictment of Bianchi can be found here.


Bianchi Being Indicted Again — 4 Comments

  1. It is time for this person to leave the office. Right, wrong or indifferent Bianchi’s moral authority to enforce the law is in such serious question it is time to limit the liability the McHenry County taxpayers have when this office is sued from all sectors for its activities. This puts the FELONY counts against this highest legal authority in the county to somewhere over twenty. If a police officer is accused of wrongdoing they are put on immediate administrative duty/leave until the matter is fully investigated in order to protect the public and the officer from further harm. Lou needs to step down to protect us all from the fallout from this investigation.

  2. The First Electric Newspaper was not informed of Tonigan’s news conference, either. However, it was there, anyway.

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