Michael McCleary Accused of Using County Car for Personal Use

Although this Official Misconduct indictment of McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Investigator Michael McCleary does not say it is a Class 3 felony, the language sounds pretty similar to that used in State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s and Chief investigator Ron Salgado’s.

Maybe you can read more into than I, but it sounds like McCleary has been indicted for using his office car for personal business.

Micheal McClearly indictment for using his county car for personal purposes. Click to enlarge.

I don’t know if this is relevant or not, but McHenry County Blog published the names of the Sheriff’s Department employees allowed to take county cars home. Most were patrol deputies, but there were others.

Here’s the list of other county employees with county vehicles they can take home.

Would anyone but I expect McCleary’s attorney to seek evidence that other county employees used their tax paid vehicles for personal use?

How about if one of more were found to have used a county vehicle for political purposes?


That would never happen outside the State’s Attorney’s Office, would it?



Michael McCleary Accused of Using County Car for Personal Use — 6 Comments

  1. The huge difference is McCleary is a PART TIMNE employee that use his car for PRIVATE business. Deputies on the other hand are on call and have a specific need for squads. Depuities are forbidden from using squads for private business. Off duty use is governed by orders.

  2. How many deputies do you suppose have driven their take-home cars to part-time, separately-compensated, off-duty security assignments, outside the realm of their official duties as Deputy Sheriffs, even if arranged through the sheriff’s department? Wasn’t Galt Airport required to contract the Sheriff’s Dept. for a number of deputies at $40/hour? Did they drive their take-home squad cars there? Wear their uniforms? Use their Dept. radios? Use the emergency lights on the squad cars? Just askin’…

  3. Are personal errands and donut shop stops exempt from the forbidden list?

    Is it called official reconaisance of local businesses when a personal errand is done?

    There’s always suspicious activity that has to be checked out as part of official duties.

  4. Gus,
    Here the answer you DON’T want. People contract for police in cities which city police perform. The ISP also does it also. The squad is part of the deal. When the ISP parks out by Onley Christmas Tree Farm on Rte 14 directing traffic the Squad is part of the deal.

    The Galt detail inluded the squad. There are several patrol details that off duty deputies perform. Trout Valley, Port Barrington and others.

    ISP escort over width loads and that is PT hireback. $40.00 is low compared to what most towns charge. Why not contact Lake County and see what they charge. They contract with several towns plus have standing PT details to assist with traffic control at businesses and Churches on Sunday.

    Check out Sundays at Willow Creek. The cops directing traffic are paid by Willow Creek and they have a squad. (Cook County)

  5. I have to second what Justin said.

    The department I work for has many PT Off duty details.

    Many require a squad and many don’t.

    We work some fast food joints and walk the parking lots and keep security.

    Others are for block parties, weddings at banquet halls, traffic control for a couple big factories to expedite traffic out of the parking lots.

    When the County ( NOT MCHENRY) works off duty details they always have their assigned squad.

    If McHenry Co get $40.00 an hour they are well below the hourly rate most towns and counties charge.

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