“No nephew in trouble. Never met this young man,” Bianchi Says of Indictment Count Charging Familial Favoritism

In McHenry County Blog’s main story on Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan’s second indictment of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, the last count accuses Bianchi of doing a favor for his “nephew.”

That’s right, the word is in quotes.

That’s what Tonigan or his assistant Thomas McQueen wrote in the indictment.

Henry Tonigan at the press conference. Photo credit: First Electric Newspaper.

Count 4 – Official Misconduct, Class 3 Felony

Bianchi is accused of “agree(ing) to recognizance bond in a felony theft case for…John Doe #3 who Bianchi said was his ‘nephew’ and that the Assistant State’s Attorney should continue the case until a first offender program was in place in McHenry County so John Doe #3 could have the benefit of that program.” (Emphasis added.)

This morning Pete Gonigam, who somehow managed to find the press conference even though he also was not notified of it, wrote a story entitled,

Bianchi Denies Nephew in Latest “Favors” Indictment

In a short interview with Bianchi, the State’s Attorney said, “I don’t have a nephew that’s in any trouble.”

Lou Bianchi

I emailed Bianchi to confirm that assertion and received the following reply,

“No nephew in trouble.

“Never met this young man.

“H(is) case was right for the program.”

The program in question, of course, is the First Offender Program about which McHenry County Blog posted an article.

= = = = =
After watching politics in McHenry County since the early 1960’s, it takes a lot to stun me.

The possibility that Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan could have made a mistake of this magnitude does shock me, however. I can’t wait for the explanation to the judge in this bench trial.

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