MCC Candidate Robert S. Jackson Comments of Possible Tuition Increases

Another communication from a candidate, this time for McHenry County College Board. (Remember candidates, you have the same access. Just email me your press release.)

Robert S. Jackson on Possible MCC Tuition Hikes

and Smart Planning for the Future

Woodstock—Robert S. Jackson, a candidate for McHenry County Community College Trustee, released his thoughts on the proposed “nearly eleven percent tuition and fee hike” recently cited in an article in the Northwest Herald:

Robert S. Jackson campaign piece. Click to enlarge.

Committed expenses, including the 7% increases due plus faculty in salary and benefits in their contract ending in 2012 require that some way of increasing income must be found.

But future faculty salary and benefits will need to become a lower proportion of all college expenses.

And they will need to reflect the depressed economic situation we are currently experience and may continue to endure for a while longer.

For now, the board should consider short-term borrowing to be paid back by such an expected future reduction of proportionate expenses.

Historically low interest rates make this among the best times in history for institutions to borrow money – if one properly positioned to pay it back.

Since that action would take too long to meet immediate needs, tuition and fees hikes will be necessary.

The hikes should be large enough to provide funding for a scholarship program that is both “mean,” and “motivation” tested.

The economically disadvantaged will be given priority and not further disadvantaged by these hikes.

Motivation-testing aims at applicants who will complete their programs rather than those apt to use resources then drop-out.

The board should consider joining tuition-supported funds to private funding sources to create a reconstituted and improved if more modest “Promise Program.”


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