Melissa Bean Gets Chicago Trade Executive Job

Melissa Bean

Former three-term Congresswoman Melissa Bean has been named to be the trade associated exec of the Executives’ Club of Chicago.

The group has a $3 million budget and fifteen employees, the Chicago Tribune reports.

She starts work March 21st.

On March 25th, a conference is scheduled entitled,

“Women of Consequence: Building Financial, Political, and Corporate Clout”

Meeting programs are already scheduled through October, when, if Bean decided to try for a comeback by defeating Joe Walsh, her supporters would already be passing election petitions.


Melissa Bean Gets Chicago Trade Executive Job — 1 Comment

  1. Will the job take time away from any of her protesting in Madison?

    Maybe she will set up office space for fugitive Democrats to use.

    Fugitives ‘R Us also might not be copyrighted yet.

    I guess people leaving the Daley administration already had first dibs on the McPier patronage jobs.

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