Phone Calls to Tollway Worthless

If you get a card from the Illinois Tollway like the one below, calling the number listed (800-824-7277) is worthless.

Notice from the Illnois Tollway that credit card on record has been declined. Click to enlarge.

So, I call.

Back when I was running for Govenror on the Libertarian Party ticket, I outlined a plan for ending tolls. The guts of it was to allocate the gas taxes paid by vehicles using the Tollway to the agency, along with the Federal aid that comes every year because they are Interstates. This picture was taken at the Lake County hearing on hiking tolls that was held in 2002.

Two different recordings tell me I could accomplish what I want faster by logging on to the web site.

I wait.

Then I get into a loop that asks for my tollway “PIN.”

I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember most PINs once I establish them. And I certainly am not going to use the one I can remember at a web site for the toll tax thieves.

I push zero and am told that is an invalid selection.

I get fed up and decide to write this article.

Now I’ll call the press person and, kind person she is, she’ll connect me with a real, live human.


Phone Calls to Tollway Worthless — 2 Comments

  1. Now really.

    Just what did you expect?

    a solution to your problem!

    Get real this is 2011 The time of hurry up and wait. Did you really expect a real person to answer.

    nope go online and do it yourself.

    so than why do these big bloated govt agency’s need bigger budgets heck it is most likely for the big bloated saleries.

    so just log on and do it yourself and don’t rock the boat.

    heck they got a good thing going you working for them for free.

  2. Did you press 1 for english first??

    Soon you will have to check out your own groceries or lumber at Home Depot without any assistance as well.

    They charge an extra 2% on all goods because of credit card use and then make you do the work at checkout to also save money.

    All this to buy crappy built items from overseas!!!

    Get used to it or do what I do and complain at the service desk and let them know if it comes to no option that I am gone.

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