Bianchi Writes Seipler Attorney, “with Very Few Minor Exceptions, Our Office Would Not Investigate the Sheriff”

McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi has clarified his relationship with the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department in a letter to Blake Horwitz, the attorney for former Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler.

Read the text below to which I have added paragraphing to make it easier to read on a screen:

February 14, 2011

Mr. Blake Horwitz
The Blake Horwitz Law Firm
Two First National Plaza
20 S. Clark Street Ste. 500
Chicago, IL 60603

Dear Mr. Horwitz,

One of the goals set when I took office in 2004 was to minimize the use of outside counsel by maximizing the use of our civil division attorneys. We have accomplished that and with the exception of a few conflict cases, at a great savings to the taxpayers (estimated savings of $10,000.00 a week).

I am also proud of the fact that we have successfully defended the Sheriff in the several lawsuits brought against him and his office, never having lost a case, settling only two. This has also resulted in tax savings.

I am hoping this background helps explain our response to your recent letter.

During these past 6 years, as mentioned above, we have successfully defeated a great number of law suits filed against the Sheriff and his office.

Should we investigate the alleged complaints outlined in your Motion to Appoint a Special Prosecutor and/or prosecute the Sheriff for the alleged conduct, we could not continue to represent him in the lawsuits filed against him.

Furthermore, we may, in that case, be prohibited from representing the “People” in any criminal prosecution initiated by his deputies.

Having to hire outside counsel in those cases could be an enormous burden, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, of dollars of expense and costs to the County and the McHenry County taxpayers.

Accordingly, with very few minor exceptions, our office would not investigate the Sheriff, nor prosecute him, under circumstances where allegations have been made such as those asserted by your client in his Petition to Appoint a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Sheriff Nygren.

We want to make it clear that this Office of State’s Attorney has not, and will not, investigate the claims outlined in Mr. Seipler’s Petition and your recent letter for the reasons stated above.

With regards to a Special Prosecutor, our position has been and will always be the same, and that is, that one of three choices be utilized to act as special prosecutor:

  • The Illinois Appellate Prosecutor,
  • Attorney General, or
  • a State’s Attorney from another county.

Any one of these options would result in no additional cost to the county and taxpayers. An annual fee is paid to the Appellate Prosecutor to represent the county in cases such as this, and accordingly, they remain open and available to act in that capacity.

Very truly yours,
Louis A. Bianchi

Chick to enlarge the letter below:

You may remember how McHenry County Blog reported on the hearing before Judge Thomas Meyer. Read the article linked below for the details:

‘I’m Troubled,’ Judge Thomas Meyer Says at Sheriff Nygren Special Prosecutor Trial


Bianchi Writes Seipler Attorney, “with Very Few Minor Exceptions, Our Office Would Not Investigate the Sheriff” — 9 Comments

  1. If Lou refuses to investigate the allegations against the sheriff that’s one thing but to refuse to ask for a special prosecutor because it would cost to much money is ridiculous. The cost of investigating someone should not be of concern.

    If there is reason to investigate someone, then that person or persons should be investigated.

    Worrying about costs is just a smoke screen, for being to scared to do your job.

    Sack up Lou and do your JOB.

  2. Obviously what we have been witnessing coming out of the SA office is very strange.

    Is it possible that Lou Bianchi is scared of Keith Nygren?

    Is it possible that Lou Bianchi has been asked by a “Higher Law Enforcement Authority” to try and stay out of any investigations regarding Nygren and or his office as to not disturb an already ongoing investigation?

    In simple terms, “Stay out of our way please, we have this handled and what we have, NO special prosecutor can even come close to accomplishing.

    Say, on a Federal Level?

    Just a thought Cal?

    I do not think Mr. Bianchi would intentionally let allegations that are now out in public regarding the Sheriff’s office, to go unchecked.

    I believe we need to be patient before we hold any further “Online Trials” of anybody.

    The clock citizens, the clock! This is what we should be watching right now.

  3. Lou is just a Good Ole Boy who is protecting other Good Ole Boys, nothing more. Lou is not afraid of anyone. Lou doesn’t care about how many tax dollars he spends.

    Lou had no problem spending money on a special prosecutor to go after a college student who crossed him. Lou has no problem using our tax dollars for his personal benefit.

    Citizens, the day is coming, the day is coming soon. Watch carefully. March 21 will soon be upon us.

  4. I suppose it is possible the Sheriff has does nothing wrong? Rather those he trusted to run the day to day operations, went ‘rogue’ and did thing’s the Sheriff had no knowledge of?

    Is it possible the only thing the Sheriff is guilty of is spending a bit to much time away and having placed trust in his managers to operate within the ‘law?’

    I don’t know what the answers are, but it is all so strange.

    Mr. Bianchi certainly does not come off as a criminal of any sort, neither does the Sheriff.

    But……. Who knows? Only time will tell I guess?

    Could we all be in for a shock in the end? It appears the county check book has been in V-tech and has needed to be shocked back into life.

    Could be the citizens of McHenry County could soon be in need of ‘Nitro Pills’ and or the “Paddles?”


    Where should we be watching on March 21st please. McHenry County or Rockford, Illinois?

  5. Big bird, I do not think Lou or Keith are criminals. Yes, they are in a political war. But, let’s not kid ourselves, they are both a part of the Good Ole Boy network. Lou is a politician more worried about protecting his rear end than serving the citizens.

    Louis either needs to investigate Deputy Seipler’s claims OR seek a special prosecutor recommending the IAG to the judge to save county tax dollars. And if Keith has done something wrong, he should be held accountable as well. If Keith has not done anything wrong, he will be exonerated.

    Either way, I am tired of all this political infighting between the Good Ole Boys, Louis, Keith, Al, Mike, Ken, et al. Time for a change.

  6. BigBird 03/05/2011 at 9:18 am

    Well said….

    Let’s remember “innocent until proven guilty”.

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