Keely Cat’s 5th Birthday

The fuzzy cat that can’t get enough of scratching under his chin is five years old.

Naturally, there had to be pictures.

"Camera Dad got an acceptable posed shot on my paw print blanket."

"I had been hiding in the basement. I tricked Cat Mom into lookling upstairs. I'm thinking, 'This better be good.'"

"Hey, Cat Mom. What have you got for me?"

"Cat Mom wants some loving. I want presies. Cat Dad yells, 'No," as I try to help groom Cat Mom's hair."

"I smell catnip."

"I am not going to wear that stupid shiny hat."

"Interesting toy, Cat Boy. But I don't like the pink color. I'm a boy!"

"OK. I'll play with the new toy, but the catnip inside smells stale."


Keely Cat’s 5th Birthday — 2 Comments

  1. Happy 5th Birthday Keely – looks like you had fun after all, and your humans took some cute pictures. You sure are a pretty boy!

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