Mark Indyke Running for Woodstock City Council

A press release from Woodstock City Council candidate Mark Indyke:

Local Business Owner Runs for City Council; Promotes Growth while Maintaining Historic Character of City

For over 35 years Mark Indyke has had a reputation for revitalizing multi-million dollar organizations by instituting sound business practices and stressing the importance of advertising and promotion.

During his decade-long experience as a business owner in Woodstock he has been sought out by those with pressing issues and has advocated for them in front of the Council.

Now he wants to put that experience to work for the citizens of Woodstock by becoming a member of City Council.

Some of the issues that he is passionate about are:

  • Promoting and supporting The Historic Preservation Commission
  • Encouraging the ongoing development of small business in order to insure economic growth.
  • Old McHenry County Courthouse on the Woodstock Square

    Reinstituting the economic development commission and reinstating the office of Development Director.

  • Backing government grants for small business
  • Seeking out larger corporations for location in Woodstock
  • Working with the Chamber of Commerce to recruit and retain small businesses

Indyke also plans to work towards:

  • The restoration and occupancy of the courthouse
  • Achieving a 95% retail occupancy rate
  • Continuing to be the voice of the disenfranchised and promoting resident participation
  • Supporting our volunteer commissions
  • Promoting easier access to council packet information and future agendas

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