Candidates Withdraw from Local Races

There were not many contested races in the April 5, 2011, election to start with, but there are fewer now.

In the Village of Barrington Hills, Trustee candidate Dawn Davis has withdrawn.

Blake Hobson, appointed to fill a vacancy, is no longer in the running for Village of Lakewood Trustee.

Likewise Dennis Palys, who ran unsuccessfully as a Democrat for the McHenry County Board, has dropped his candidacy for Village of Wonder Lake Trustee.

In the contest for Woodstock Fire/Rescue District Trustee, Stephen Jagman withdrew.

Four people have climbed out of the candidate pool for the McHenry High School Board. This pool is at McHenry West High School.

But the real withdrawal story is in the 13-person race for the McHenry High School District 156 Board of Education. Four people withdrew:

  • Marybeth Varvil
  • Donald Cichoski
  • Paul A Stevens
  • Joseph W Meyer


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