Bianchi Support Web Site Goes Up

What should come into my electronic inbox today but the address of a web site supporting McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi in his efforts to win vindication in his current criminal court fight.

The top of the front page of a new web site supporting McHenry County State's Attorney Lou Bianchi.

It’s called “Stand by Lou.”

Besides pointing out his accomplishments, it has a Crystal Lake Post Office Box to which checks can be sent to help in his legal defense.

The address is

Stand by Lou
Box 2124
Crystal Lake, IL 60039


Bianchi Support Web Site Goes Up — 12 Comments

  1. So the elitists and fringe radical conservatives Stand by Lou. Surprising.

  2. The self same people putting up this PR campaign will not even begin to help those victimized by Lou Bianchi’s office through his term as State’s Attorney.

    The hypocrisy is palpable and awful. To be so blind to the suffering of many but be so sensitive to the supposed victimization of the one who has caused this suffering is incredibly sad.

    I pity these well intentioned souls who are so misaligned in their support of one sad and very self deluded person.

    It is not their fault Lou Bianchi has victimized the people of McHenry County and has abused his office to do so.

    Yet they take Lou’s side against The Law to stand with the decent man they want and wish him to be. We all wanted Lou to be so much more than he actually turned out to be. We may pity him and pray for him as he works his way toward some personal resolution of his sins but to join Lou in his self deluded world is too much for good people to do.

    Love the man and hate the sin. Do NOT take up his sin and promote it as virtue. It only weakens the office of the State’s Attorney and the self growth of Lou Bianchi to do so.

  3. Priest, It is clearly evident, “You hate the man, while you ASSUME any alleged sin?”

    Just a thought for you and your mirror to consider.

  4. I will warn you as I have others, BigBird, never presume motive or intent.

    Mr. Bianchi has been charged with over twenty felonies and is the top law enforcement official in McHenry County. This is a deep conflict of interest and in non political law enforcement positions Mr. Bianchi would be removed until this is resolved for his protection and the protection of the public. I have asked the political side of Mr. Bianchi to consider stepping aside until his legal troubles have been resolved. He feels exposing the county to further scrutiny and liability is part of doing business and regardless of what he has requested of others in similar circumstances he feels he is entitled to be above policies in place. This is arrogance born of a complete disconnection with reality and begs our pity for his sin while begging criticism for his unprofessionalism.

    Mr. Bianchi also is garnering support from wonderful well intentioned people who see the prayerful and decent man while refusing to see the pragmatic reality of Mr. Bianchi’s position legally. I don’t hate Mr. Bianchi. I pity him his blindness and I pity those who feel a PR campaign to raise awareness of Mr. Bianchi’s felony indictments is a positive idea. Mr. Bianchi has abused the office of the State’s Attorney, whether by trusting the wrong people or by overtly controlling the office’s illegal activities. Mr. Bianchi has caused an investigation which is now getting criticism for its affect upon this county from ever wider circles. This can only end badly for Mr. Bianchi and McHenry County now. Win, lose or draw his activities have added to the impression Illinois breeds inept and criminal elements in its political offices like nowhere else in the world. This awful impression has now come home to McHenry County and this web site trumpets this reality.

    This PR campaign to defend Mr. Bianchi is ill advised and begging for money from The Public to defend a millionaire attorney is unbelievably counterproductive to helping gain sympathy for him. I would beg Lou Bianchi and his supporters to let the courts sort this out fully, stop attempting to interfere with the process as it only breeds contempt and ask Mr. Bianchi to fulfill his oath to protect The People and The Law by stepping aside while these felonies are going through the courts. If he wins THEN take out full page ads, put up YouTube’s, advertise on billboards and call the Washington Post. Until then I will reiterate the suggestion of praying for the man while hating the sin which brought him here.

  5. Priest, certainly I respect your right to express your opinions and thoughts, this I hope we can agree upon.

    Let’s just consider the following and we can respectfully move forward.

    If I stand with your well expressed opinion, it would mean;

    That there has never been a “CONVICTED” man, falsely accused and sent to death row.

    That there has never been an “Innocent Man” put to death for a crime that although “Convicted,” was innocent thereof.

    In this case, Mr. Bianchi has only been charged with ‘allegations’ of wrong doing. I do not know the man and I am not connected to this case in anyway other than I read Cals blog.

    I am not certain how anybody sitting comfortably at home, would react to being accused of a crime that he may or may not have committed?

    I would imagine ‘panic’ and ‘fear’ of losing ones liberty, would be a feeling none of us would want to experience.

    Perhaps you might pray that Mercy comes your way for “All those accused.” I don’t know, I do not know you either. it appears, that perhaps you have felt you have been harmed by the ‘Office?’ Again it ‘appears,’ this way I am not saying it is so.

    My point is that perhaps my way, or your way, is not Mr. Bianchi’s way of dealing with a situation we would have no way of ‘feeling.’

    I was a bit surprised too see the ‘Donation’ request myself. Then, I applied the mind set I have expressed above and will not judge another who is living under conditions I cannot have a way of understanding.

    There have been many very disturbing things happening in and around the McHenry County Government Center. For those who follow this blog, we know what these issues are and we have seen an ‘explosion’ of emotions as result.

    Now, with all the ‘Shock’ and “Awe’ out of the way, perhaps everybody will allow Mr. Bianchi and anybody else who may in the future become entangled in Criminal litigation as a defendant, his day in court.

    Until proven guilty, I do not believe there are any laws that would require Mr. Bianchi to leave his office. To this end, we must not force justice, rather, find patience and moreover, “Peace,” for Mr. Bianchi and his family.

    I would hope you and I both would be honored with this same mindset by our peers should we stand accused.

    Given the very nature of your screen name, I hope you too find that place of solace until “Justice” is served.


  6. Priest, how would you feel if I accused you of molesting little boys because you have abused the power of the priesthood.

    Would you step aside until all of these false allegations are resolved?

    I seriously doubt it.

    This is a political witch hunt and we all know when it comes to politics, there is a lot of stuff said that is completely false.

  7. I don’t get the feeling that Priest is a Priest. He may be Catholic or he may just be a Calvinist but I get the feeling he is much too calloused to be a Priest.

  8. BigBird, your attitude is one we could all use more of in our daily lives. None are so judgmental as the righteous Christian and your open mindedness is appreciated. My desire is not to judge Mr. Bianchi or even state he is guilty of these felony charges. My point is threefold…

    Mr. Bianchi, by omission or overt action, has accused and prosecuted many innocent people in the very same way he is experiencing first hand. I will admit I appreciate the karma of this and I am hoping the irony is not lost on him. If he is found innocent and retains his office I pray he remembers the consequences he has felt of wonton prosecution and never again harms people in the same way.

    Mr. Bianchi is the top law enforcement officer in the county and is thereby, in several people’s opinion, bound by ethics to adhere to the same rules others in law enforcement must follow. There is no law to compel him nor does he see a need to humble himself to the same standards held out for the other law enforcement officials. This may be seen as a strength due to the courage of his convictions or a weakness due to his arrogance of perspective. You know my opinion and this differs from the opinion of his supporters. I respect this but I make my suggestions regardless.

    This web site, however innocently conceived, may actually damage Lou Bianchi’s perception in the community. His supporters are good people. They see Mr. Bianchi for the struggling human we all are but find him to be on the “good” side of things. I am suggesting this situation is not a contest over whether he is a “good” man but rather the pragmatic reality of him making human mistakes in a very difficult office. While the question of whether these mistakes are worthy of felony conviction is sorted out putting a web site up begging for money to defend him is possibly a bad idea if the goal is to garner public sympathy for a man caught in a terrible situation. Millionaire attorneys begging for money in this economy might be seen as insensitive rather than altruistic.

    clresident, I would feel like I’d been shot in the stomach and survived. The accusation of wrongdoing, if you value your honor, is horrific. It is made all the more so when your name is all you have. When you’ve tried to live your life decently and someone wontonly accuses you of doing some heinous act worthy of prosecution and the ones entrusted with interpreting the law(whom you’ve believed in your whole life) abandon you it is quite disillusioning.

    I would, of course, step aside until the accusations were fully investigated and my name was cleared. It would be important to the integrity of my station within the leadership, the integrity of the process of the investigation and the safety of the children for me to move to some less publicly engaged duty until my honor returns intact. This is just good policy for everyone involved.

    Do not just own the idea of because Lou Bianchi’s office is political in nature all these indictments and the continuing investigation are political in nature. If you do this you presume Judge Tonigan is somehow married to the interests of the anti Bianchi faction(s). To impugne Judge Tonigan’s honor in this way is both naive and terrible. He has no skin in this game save for the integrity of The Law itself. His commissioning was very narrow and he still has found many discrepencies in Lou Bianchi’s behavior at law. Whether these discrepencies rise to the level of felonious Judge Tonigan is allowing The Court to decide.

    Mr. Bianchi will have his days in court. He MAY win. I assure you, were these actions at all in the realm of political control Mr. Bianchi would have been destroyed politically already. Whatever the initial impulse to bring the investigation everything Judge Tonigan has found is solely within the purview of his commissioning and within the boundaries of prosecutable law. If you believe some of the awful things said about Lou Bianchi to be false I would only tell you, welcome to the difference between morals and The Law. Never the twain they shall meet.

  9. Priest, perhaps we have written the ‘Opening Statements’ for the attorney’s involved as we tax payers might see a ‘Credit’ on the yet to be submitted billing?

    I appreciate your thoughtful and polite responses.

    “Peace I bring to you Priest, Peace I leave with you.”

    To all those who stand accused, I leave the prayer of “Hope” and “Peace.”

    You see friends, I too am a man who once stood wrongly accused of a crime. In the end, I was vindicated and my accuser was found to be nothing more than an extortionist.

    If you are innocent, fight for your freedom and your name.

    If you are guilty, don’t make a fool out of those who stand beside you.

  10. This website was created by people that know and respect the Bianchi’s . They had no part in its creation.

    People were asking each other what they can do to help, because they had a strong desire to do so. There was some brainstorming and it was created.

    The Bianchi’s were informed that it was being created after the fact.

    The money will be used as the contributors decide.

    Enough of this bashing Bianchi.

    Priest, you need to get a life.

  11. How shameful it is that the high and mighty that sit here in judging Lou Bianchi or anyone else’ character hide behind screen names.

    Come into the light. Show us who you are.

    Truth has no need to throw rocks in the darkness. Also using this forum to degrade Priests is again cowardly and agenda driven.

    The honorable do not try and destroy good, they perpetuate evil so they can more comfortably sit in judgment while decrying others not to judge.

  12. See, there we have it. An innocent and perfectly logical explanation for the website.

    Like I’ve stated. we just do not know, and we need to allow Mr. Bianchi and his family and friends to do what they feel they must do to help.

    Thank you Vastare for your explanation.


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