Movin’ On to Woodstock March 15th to Support Wisconsin Union Protesters

Liberals in McHenry County are being solicited by to gather in Woodstock Tuesday, March 15th, for a rally in support of teachers and other government workers in Wisconsin who lost some union privileges previously mandated by state laws.

Coincidentally, Tuesday, March 15th, is the deadline for corporations to pay their first quarterly income taxes.

The rally will be at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Business Route 14 two blocks south of the Woodstock Square.

“A big crowd is crucial,” is emphasized.

The details of the demonstration can be found below:


Movin’ On to Woodstock March 15th to Support Wisconsin Union Protesters — 19 Comments

  1. Looks like a “Flare Shot” over the Illinois State Capital is being launched from Woodstock?

    Statement perhaps, “Don’t try to pull that…!”

    Although I believe that all people should stand up for what they believe whether or not we may or may not agree with them is none of another persons business.

    Do what “YOU” have do to so to speak. You’re free to do so.

    The problem is Apathy! I wish everybody and anybody with a ’cause’ well, the simple fact is people are tired of it all.

    “If it doesn’t affect me, why rock the boat?” mentality most citizens now have.

    Rather than fight, its easier to just write “The Check” and be done with it.

    However, it is indeed time for the citizens to holster their check books and wake up to the whims of Government Spending out of control.

    It’s not the people who are working collecting benefits they are entitled to that is the problem.

    It’s the ‘pappering’ in “Freebies” that has and will continue to drain our nation, state by state.

    Can you say METRA just as an example. Jack Franks has started a movement against only (2) METRA members. Why not wipe em all out?

    This is what I mean by “Pappering” in the ‘Freebies’ for the ‘Free Loaders.’

  2. After these idiots are done can we lead a march on corruption in the Democratic party?

    Maybe “Republican” Jack Franks can lead the parade after he passes his hat with NEA and Jimmy Hoffa

  3. A Wisconsin teacher was asked if he knew that ignorance and apathy were the two biggest problems in Wisconsin.

    He answered, “I didn’t know that, and I don’t care.”

    Let Wisconsin take care of its problems IN Wisconsin.

  4. So this is like a liberal Tea Party?

    What happens if the real Tea Party shows up? Who will cast the first stone?

  5. Well, isn’t this special!

    The same people who are threatening business in Wisconsin that do not display the “clenched fist” AFLCIO sign, who send death threats via email to Republicans, who illegally occupied and vandalized the Wisconsin state capitol, who screamed at, punched and pushed tea party members, who attempted to intimidate Republicans who were trying to circulate petitions to recall Democrat Senators, who phoned in BOMB THREATS to the state capitol and an event that the governor attended, and who (1) chased and detained a Republican state senator, (2) who blocked the hall outside of Republican offices in the capitol, (3) who used handcuffs to lock the doors of the capitol – creating a hazard in case of fires, and (4) trashed a war memorial at the capitol….THESE people want to have a rally to “defend the dream.”

    Is the “dream they are defending” the nightmare for the rest of us of never ending tax increases to pay exorbitant salaries and benefits for so-called “public servants?” Is this the dream of theirs: impoverishing their neighbors?

    Moveon is FUNDED by George Soros. Soros collaborated with the Nazis during WWII. He admits it. Soros is a CONVICTED CRIMINAL for crashing the French economy, and he nearly did the same to the UK’s economy. Now he is after ours.

    Mr. Soros has given $5 Billion to leftwing causes, funding hundreds of left wing and pro-communist organizations.

    So, people on his payroll (for all intents and purposes) want to have a rally in McHenry County’s center of leftwing, anti-American politics. Well, this is America. And even people who are owned and operated by Soros and the unions are entitled to peaceably assemble – even though many of these people have expressed open hatred towards the other side, the tea parties.

    This is an organizing event right out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” It is a demonizing event against anyone who opposes the left’s agenda. Expect the same assaults and violence against Republicans in IL that they committed in Wisconsin.

  6. So right, j.

    ANYONE who dares to think that Gov. Walker is right must be the scum of the Earth.

    By the way, somehow I seem to have missed hearing our illustrious Senator Durbin lecture the Madison demonstrators about their hate-filled and violent rhetoric.

    Surely he must have done so, since he saw fit to lecture all right wingers and tea partiers earlier after the tragedy in Arizona.

    Oh, silly me, these are leftists, so their speech / actions can’t possibly be hateful or violent. Duh!

  7. j.says you drank too too much of the Tea Party Kool-Aid. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard. Best to look at your own extremist group before you cast stones.

  8. j. hit the nail on the head. Thanks for speaking up and speaking out.

    Note to Woodstock Police: please immediately arrest any unruly demonstrators who violate any laws of Woodstock and Illinois.

    No warnings.

    No second chances. Blocking sidewalks is unlawful.

    Tow illegally parked cars (on corners, in front of fire plugs, in handicapped zones (without placard), too close to driveways and alleys).

    Do demonstrators have any needed permit?

  9. That’s right stop them jerks from expressing their constitutional rights to free speech and the right to assemble they don’t have that right.

    Take their rights away, that’s what you are about.

    Taking people righta away when they don’t agree with you.

    You are the only ones that get those rights. Correct.

    I think we should go back to the good ole western days where everyone one could carry a gun openly and when someone threatens them, they can shoot them.

    It’s a sad day when our politicians give the criminals more rights then the taxpayers that are paying them.

    Hey Gus, when are you going to take down your signs? It is against county law to leave them up after the election. Maybe you should be charged clean up for the one still out there.

  10. Tell you what, LCTRUTH, *you* come up with documented examples of tea party members taking over a state capital and vandalizing it, or where tea party people were physically assaulting Democrats, or sending EMAIL DEATH THREATS to Democratic elected officials, or sending letters threatening businesses with boycotts that do not openly and visibly support the unions, or phoning in bomb threats, and maybe you comment about glass houses and stones might be applicable.

    Otherwise, I’ll (and every other reasonable person) consider your remarks as typical leftwing lies and willful partisan blindness.

    In other words, LCTRUTH, either prove it or recant it.

  11. Typical.

    As I expected, 12 hours later and no response from LCTRUTH. This is what the left does. They lie. They invent narratives out of whole cloth. They can’t help it. Liberalism, progressivism, communism, and socialism are based upon lies. Truth is “relative” and subjective. Understand “political correctness” and you understand why the left always lie so much.

    I expect this meeting, and ones just like like it, to be the start of what left is already calling the “spring revolt.” They really think that they can overthrow elections in America by protesting, threatening people, and verbally or physically assaulting their opponents. They want to CONTROL America, and no lie is too big to tell, and no behavior to achieve their ends is out of bounds.

    Read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

  12. I see that since the Herald stopped printing comments “j” is continuing to spread hate and lies across cyberspace. He and the people who think only their opinions are to be heard – bloviating until the cows come home. Can’t wait to be at the meeting. I’ll be the one with the Northwestern sweatshirt.

  13. Watch out LCTRUTH, these people like to sue people who disagree with them!

  14. Why the heck are they bringing this trash to Woodstock? So they can create more damage to more property that has nothing to do with Wisconsin? And this is how they’ll spin it – Jobs Created by Unions.

    Stay the hell out of our town! Are the Tea Parties going to have to spend the next few days cleaning up after the Union Hogs like they offered to do in Wisconsin?

    Unions, you have rights. The right to get back to work and stop being so greedy and unrealistic AND JUST BE GLAD YOU HAVE JOBS THAT PAY 42% OVER THE PRIVATE EQUIVALENT TO YOUR PUBLIC WORKER JOBS!

    The Taxpayers who will end up paying for your retirement, healthcare, undeserved raises, and VIAGRA have Every Right to Protest YOU, you greedy ingrates!

  15. Something I received in e-mail that seemed appropriate!

    Subject: Letterman Top 10

    Top 10 ways to tell if you might be a member of a public-sector union.

    10.) You take a week off to protest in Wisconsin and your office runs better.

    9.) On a snow day, when they say “non-essential” people should stay home you know who they mean.

    8.) You get paid twice as much as a private sector person doing the same job but make up the difference by doing half as much work.

    7.) It takes longer to fire you than the average killer spends on death row.

    6.) The worse you do your job, the more your boss avoids you.

    5.) You think the French are working themselves to death.

    4.) You know by having a copy of the Holy Koran on your desk your job is 100% safe.

    3.) You spend more time at protest marches than at church.

    2.) You have a Democratic congressman’s lips permanently attached to your butt.

    And the #1 way to tell if you might be a member of a public sector union:

    1.) You pay more in union dues than you do for your healthcare insurance….

  16. Saul’s calling card……….(1) Agitate. (2) Aggrevate. (3) Educate. (lie) (4) Organize. The past three weeks we’ve seen this. Tommorrow we laugh at the left. Then clean up after the slobs.

  17. Yesterday,’We the People’ were 1/5th their number.

    From the opposite corner, it wasn’t hard to figure out who the majority of them were : Drum beating,slogan chanting, un-informed,script reading,some ill-mannered,homeless looking,throw backs to the 60s aging hippies who never out grew that mentality…..pitiful.The only positive thing I can say is that, unlike Madison, they did take their garbage with them when they left.Probably ONLY because WE reminded them…

    To give an example of how un-informed some of them were….As their throng was growing and people would walk by our small group to cross the street to join them, on 4 different occasions 1 of them STOPPED ON OUR CORNER ,picked up a sign and joined us.Couldn’t they read????? Our signs indicated that we were definitely NOT pro ‘collective bargaining’…..That’s ‘education’ for you.

    I was proud to be there with a GREAT group of people.

  18. Yesterday,’We the People’ were 1/5th their number…..Gosh, wonder why?

  19. Sounds like “The People” were the other 4/5’s looking out for the middle class.

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