Tax Protest Meeting in Wonder Lake Sunday after Church

There’s a tax protest meeting in Wonder Lake Sunday afternoon at 1 PM at Christ the King Church, located at 5006 E. Wonder Lake Road.

I’ve written about it before, but since Jim Tobin is coming to McHenry County tomorrow and the auditorium of McHenry’s West High School was packed for the last school board meeting as a result of the tax hike referendum on the ballot in April, plus the intention of the outgoing school board to high a new superintendent and ratify a teachers’ contract before newly-elected school board members are seated, I think you might like a reminder.

I’m wondering if any high school board candidates will attend and pass out information on where they stand on the issues of the day in High School District 156.


Tax Protest Meeting in Wonder Lake Sunday after Church — 9 Comments

  1. Why a church? It is difficult to find affordable or better yet free rooms to hold these events. Most of these types of groups are non for profits or PAC’s that would prefer not to charge an entrance fee to hold the event.

  2. Why at a church? Because Jesus also believes that rich people pay too much in taxes. And the poor are shiftless and lazy. And the sick should have chosen to stay healthy.

  3. Didn’t the Founding Fathers hold many of their organizational meetings at Churches? Heck, the majority of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence were Pastors or had attended Seminary. Thank God for those courageous men and their wives.

  4. Where in the bible does it say Jesus said the rich pay to much and the rest of that stuff where is that? You need to read the bible & not use it a paper weight. Rusrus open the word of God and your heart!

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