Anti-Referendum McHenry High School Board Candidates Make Self Known

Three candidates have banded together to advance their candidacies for the McHenry County School Board.

McHenry County Blog obtained a copy of the “Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility” pamphlet, plus a card that is being passed around.

Although it is not written in large print, there is a statement on the front of the brochure stating,


Obviously, this statement could be stronger, but there certainly won’t be “significant monetary concessions” by the teachers union.

So for the present election, this slate has obviously concluded that being against the referendum enhances its chance for success.

Here’s the complete front page of the pamphlet:

Front of the “VOTE 3 IN A ROW” slate pamphlet.

Look inside and you’ll see this flap declaring the three to be “highly qualified candidates” who “will work together to stabilize finances of the district and attain a balanced budget. We see concessions as the only way to balance this budget…”

Click to enlarge any image.

There’s a commitment to maintain “a comprehensive high school experience…as well as extra-curricular activities…(to retain) the overall quality of life for our community.”

Inside, each candidate gets a panel:

Candidates Beth Taylor, Steve Bellmore and Timothy Byers have biographies inside. Click to enlarge.

And, on the back is another quality of life pitch, as well as one for votes.

But, that’s not the only campaign hand out.

There are also thick yellow cards with the candidates’ names on one side and the issue summarized on the other:

Issues emphasized are a balanced budget, well-rounded education and quality of life.

There is no mention of opposition to the referendum here.

Considering the lack of color coordination in the two campaign pieces, it is conceivable they were prepared separately.

Other candidates who would like a similar story are invited to email their literature to


Anti-Referendum McHenry High School Board Candidates Make Self Known — 3 Comments

  1. I don’t know Steve Bellmore or Timothy Byers but I do know Beth Taylor. Last year during the referendum campaign, she had a a very large black and white D156 “Say Yes to the Referendum” sign in the very prominent corner lot that her beautiful home sits upon. Every day I would feel sick to my stomach seeing that sign and knowing that she supported that tax hike.

    Now she is the lead candidate for an allegedly anti-referendum slate of candidates? It makes me wonder how sincere the other 2 candidates are in their opposition to this $8 million money grab.

  2. Looking at their pamphlet, it says, “We are 3 highly qualified candidates who are extremely motivated to move District 156 in the right direction…”

    It sounds like they think very highly of themselves. I started thinking about what makes a person “qualified” for School Board.

    Does having a child in the district “Qualify” them?

    Does the fact that they attended school in the district “Qualify” them?

    Who decides which of the residents of McHenry is “Qualified” to be a School Board member?

    What about the other school district in McHenry, D15. Are their candidates “Qualified”?

    I think one of the D156 candidates is married to a D15 candidate. Does that “Disqualify” them?

    I heard a rumor that one of the D15 candidates “home schools” their kids. Does that “Disqualify” them?

    I heard another rumor that another one of the D15 candidates is actually the brains behind the 3 in a Row group, does that “Disqualify” them?

    Is it true that McHenry’s Mayor is a member of the 3 in a Row group?

    Does that “Disqualify” them? Does that “Disqualify” her? Is it the Mayor’s place to throw her weight behind some of the people running for School Board? Should McHenry’s Mayor resign?

    Why is the car dealer working with the Mayor to pick who gets elected to the School Board? Why did McHenry Sales Tax increase specifically exclude the sale of cars from being taxed at the higher rate? Who is really running McHenry?

    I moved to McHenry from Chicago 3 years ago. Part of the reason we moved was to get away from the dirty politics and corruption. Maybe I should have stayed. At least there I knew who the bad guys were, here in McHenry it is a much more difficult.

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