Pam Althoff’s Springfield Press Conference Budget Statement

Take a listen.

She even works in a couple of little digs at the minority members of the legislature in Wisconsin and Indiana, who refused to stay in their state capitols.


Pam Althoff’s Springfield Press Conference Budget Statement — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, that all sounds good but until I see some real ACTION this talk is cheap. So far all we see is addtional spen.

    Gov. abolishes death row leaving the tax payer to foot the bill.

    Senator Durbin wants all Illinois citizens to pay tax for on line purchases

    Politicians wanting Home schoolers to register..brings no value but only cost.

    Politicians wanting all kids to go to school until age 18 regarless of parents choice..All cost and no value.

    Illinois is an Illegals haven..adding billions to medicare costs.

    Unil I see the walk the talk I don’t have faith in any politician right now.

  2. She talks about the tax cuts being painful but the two individuals on her left (right in the video) appear to be already experiencing something painful. The lady is ‘painfully’ trying to smile and stay awake on her feet while the tall gentleman is either passing gas or has an issue with some heartburn. He is obviously VERY uncomfortable standing there. You may need to watch it ‘full screen’ to see their discomforts.

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