No McHenry High School Candidate Favors Consolidation Grade Schools with High School District

First to answer the consolidation question, Beth Taylor nailed the reason for opposition.

There were two questions about consolidation of high school and grade school districts at the McHenry High School Board candidates night sponsored by the McHenry County League of Women Voters Wednesday night.

Beth Taylor’s reply to the first question, which focused on possible administrative savings:

“The wage adjustments outweigh administrative savings by 8-10 times.”

Steven White pointed out there are “significant differences in average salary between elementary and high school salaries that would eliminate (any administrative savings).”

The League of Women Votrers moderator at the candidates' night.

Incumbent Board member Mellody Ahrens agreed. “We would have a big salary increase…”

“Consolidation doesn’t seem to be a good idea,” agreed Timothy Byers. “It would cost the district a great deal of money.”

The other candidates made similar remarks.

All had compared the costs of raising elementary school teachers to the higher level of high school teachers and decided it wasn’t a good idea.

Then, the moderator asked for a “Yes,” “No” answer on the topic of consolidation, evoking Governor Pat Quinn’s name.

Both candidates supported by the teachers union and those supported by the taxpaying public opposed consolitation of local grade schools with the high school district.

“No,” “No,” “No,” “No,” “No,” “No,” “No,”

said the seven candidates present.

Besides the ones mentioned above, the others in attendance were Steve Bellmore, Tracy Simon and Darnell Qualls.

Missing the meeting were Alexandra Coy and Daniel Koruna.

Why two questions when the answers to the first question were all negative?

I can only image that the Illinois League of Women Voters favors the bill that would bust the budgets of taxpayers on the eastern side of McHenry County where there are not unit districts. (I emailed the state League early Thursday morning asking whether it had taken a position on the legislation, but my email went unanswered.)

Tomorrow, the math.

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