Massage Parlor on Harvard City Council Agenda Tuesday

The Harvard City Council will have the approval of a massage parlor on its agenda Tuesday.  Tiera Tracy is the applicant and the name of the business will be “The Relaxation Station.”

This is her first massage parlor.  She is applying for a state license.

Police Chief Dan Kazy-Garey’s background report is below:


Massage Parlor on Harvard City Council Agenda Tuesday — 5 Comments

  1. She obviously wasn’t cited on December 31, 2011! Why can’t a business lock its business door from the inside. Any other business can. Sounds like Harvard is really categorizing her business as something it is not. Looks like the chief is overlooking the discrepancy between charges filed for operating a massage business and a $226 fine paid, and her statement that she never did so.

  2. Isn’t there a difference between a massage parlor and a massage thereapist providing therapuetic massage to customers?

    I found this description online:
    “A massage parlor is a business where customers can receive a massage. Sometimes the term is synonymous with brothel as the term “massage” may be used as a euphemism for paid sexual favours.”

    The term “massage parlor” is only used by Cal, not by the Harvard police department. Just wondering if Cal thinks this woman is really opening a “message parlor”? Otherwise, the use of the term is questionable.

  3. Some call a Funeral Home a “Funeral Parlor??”

    So, what are you saying?

  4. Looks like the chief learned to spell at the same school as Mr. Pillpot

  5. The Chief’s letter to the City Council is in error about the locking capability of the door. It’s the door to an interior treatment room that is to be without a lock, not the door to the business.

    Was she or wasn’t she operating a business on Dec. 31, the date of the local code violation? Something cost her $226.

    Is Harvard trying to keep her from establishing a business and earning a living? Is she being allowed time to comply with the laws? Why didn’t she leave her sign up, dash over for a sign permit, and perhaps add a “Opening Soon” banner? When does she expect her State license?

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