Ballot Irregularity Expert Speaking Tonight in Cary

The McHenry County Tea Party helped sponsor this Crystal Lake demonstration last April 15th.

A press release from the McHenry County Tea Party, belatedly posted, but in advance of the meeting it talks about at the Algonquin Township Hall tonight:

Several years ago, Bev Harris, a grandmother from Seattle, saw what seemed to be irregularities in the integrity of ballot counting.

She had the ambition to investigate, and what she discovered is astonishing, in what many of us consider to be the most free country on earth, due in large part to fair elections.

Ms. Harris was the main subject of the 2007 HBO documentary “Hacking Democracy”.  Read about her investigations at

We’ve arranged for Ms. Harris to come to Crystal Lake to update anyone interested on how easy it is to steal elections.

Ms. Harris will speak at the Algonquin Township building, Board Room, lower level. The building is on Rt 14 between Cary and Crystal Lake.  See map at

The public is welcome, and admission is free (donations to help cover Ms. Harris’s travel expenses are welcome). To hear and meet one of the country’s foremost authorities on election and vote fraud for this price shouldn’t be missed.

A short video will be shown at 6:45pm, and Ms. Harris’s talk will start at 7:00pm.

This a nonpartisan event. Fair and accurate vote counting has been found to have been compromised by both major parties, as well as in nonpartisan races.

If you care about the integrity of voting and free elections, please consider taking advantage of this incredible opportunity.

For more information, call 847-421-7655.

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