Total Bill for Special Prosecutor’s Investigating Firm $225,000

Above and beyond the $137,669 in bills already presented by Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan fo Quest International are another $87,331.

And that’s through Sunday, March 20, 2011.

It does not even count this week of the trial.

Take a look at the most recent billing records that McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi Defense Counsel managed to convince Judge Joseph McGraw to get Quest to produce. The ones below (click to enlarge)are those which contain March 2011 billings.

This is the level of detail I believe that the McHenry County Board should have insisted upon before approving any of their bills.


Total Bill for Special Prosecutor’s Investigating Firm $225,000 — 10 Comments

  1. Where is the outrage towards Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore for instigating law suits that have now pushed the townships legal bills OVER A HALF-MILLION (taxpayer) DOLLARS?

  2. LookER, you wanted Moore to pay bills the judge declared illegal?

    If she did, you would be in line to say Moore should have known they were illegal!

    The legal advice that the trustess used for “illegal” is what cost the taxpayers a bundle.

  3. You May or You May Not get the concept. The issue I mentioned is the astonishingly high amount of legal bills incurred since Linda Moore was elected. Over a half a million dollars spent with nothing to show except the smirk on Linda’s face. Sad.

  4. It is sad the trustees wanted to pay so much in legal fees to defend what was found to be obviously illegal.

    They could have folded their illegal efforts right after Moore as Supervisor filed suit.

    They didn’t. Almost all of the legal costs could have been avoided by the trustees. Their enormous ego’s and lousy, selfish judgment were to blame.

  5. WANTED to pay so much?! They were being SUED! Almost all of the legal costs could have been avoided if Linda Moore hadn’t SUED the township MULTIPLE TIMES!

    If she would just do the job a minority of people elected her to do, maybe this whole mess could have been avoided!

  6. Please note – this article is about the bill for Quest that Tonigan and McQueen hired.

    Their guy Rogolski (sp) could not answer any questions in court. No notes, I do not recall, I don’t know.

    Let us remember where this started. Dan Regna, Nygren’s guy.

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