Homework for the McHenry County Board

Thus far, the McHenry County Board has abdicated it responsibility to review bills submitted from Special Prosecutor.

Wednesday, McHenry County Blog posted the most recent bills from Quest International the firm hired to do the field work and computer analysis.

$225,000 billed so far, according to McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s defense counsel Terry Elk.

This is the firm for whom computer forensic “expert” (qualified as such for the trial) Dan Jerger worked. He did not know that an anti-virus program was run on Lou Bianchi assistant Joyce Synek’s hard drive. He was unable to inform the court when various documents were created, a key element, it seems.  He did not cinch the case for the Special Prosecutor.

In any event, members of the County Board, published here for your perusal are the first bills submitted–six pages worth totaling almost $39,700.

The items were billed between December 29, 2009 and May 31, 2010.

I see a couple of instances in which Quest President Robert Scigalski notes he did not charge $70 an hour for travel.

See anything you would not have approved if Judge Gordon Graham had let you see them?

What would have hurt the investigation and should have been redacted when the bill was submitted?

What should you have been allowed to have seen then?

People mentioned in the billings are

  • Robert Scigalski
  • Illinois State Police Sgt. James Harris
  • Henry “Skip” Tonigan
  • Dan Jerger
  • Tom McQueen
  • Lee Flosi
  • David Stone
  • Dennison
  • Pat Hanretty
  • Jim Riley
  • Nichole Owens
  • Thomas Carroll
  • Jamie Rein
  • Dimetri
  • Anne Henslee
  • Margi Worth
  • Don Leist
  • David Johnston
  • Mary McClellan
  • William LeFew
  • William Draths
  • John Hadley
  • Pam Palmer
  • Tom Sullivan

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