Huntley School Teachers Picketing Today — 4 Comments

  1. Stop picking on the Huntley teachers who with great shared sacrifice got over a 5 percent pay increase this year.

    This teacher bashing has to stop as everyone knows every teacher is entitled to the respect of at least a 5 percent pay increase every year.

  2. You can tell the public is fed up with certain things when they say “Cry me a river.” whenever they here there’s picketing going on.

    The empathy is long, long gone.

    Reality and truth about nonsense sent that empathy packing.

  3. Isn’t that a picture from when they were on strike a few years ago? I didn’t see anyone picketing…

  4. No such picketers were at HHS. The picketers were at Linda Moore’s home demanding two years of audits, Larry, Cal and Aileen. Had a school district not done an audit for two years, you three would be raising holy hell about internal controls. But with your BFF controlling the township checkbook, you don’t give a hypocritical rat’s behind.

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