More Homework for the McHenry County Board

Below are over $64,000 more in bills from Quest International, the firm that Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan selected to do the investigative and subpoena delivering work on the Lou Bianchi-Joyce Synek case that just ended in an acquittal.

To the best of my knowledge, the McHenry County Board approved this bill without seeing any of the detail. All members were allowed to see by Judge Gordon Graham was the grand total (which seems to be on a 7th page that I do not have to reproduce below).

Who’s mentioned on the bill?

  • Robert Selgalski
  • Tom Carroll
  • Pam Palmer
  • Joyce Synek
  • Thomas McQueen
  • Dan Jerger
  • John Rhoeds (Rhodes?)
  • Karen Rhodes
  • Patrick Hanretty
  • Henry Tonigan
  • Judge Gordon Graham
  • Owens
  • Demitri
  • Jim Reilly
  • Dawn Mikos
  • Joan Hoffman
  • Kim Cundiff
  • Cynthia Huebner
  • Tilimigras
  • Z.J. Sales
  • McCleary
  • J sine
  • Joyce Synek
  • G Stoffel
  • Suzanne Lockhart
  • William LeFew
  • Tom Sullivan
  • Richard Stilling
  • Tom McQueen

Any of the images below can be enlarged by clicking on them.

What parts of these bills do you think the County Board should not have been able to see before they were asked to fork over the tens of thousands of dollars billed?


More Homework for the McHenry County Board — 3 Comments

  1. Look at the service of defendants and witnesses.

    He bills the TAXPAYERS $135.00 per hour to ride along with the process server Reilly to serve people.

    Is Reilly so feeble that he can’t serve a subpoena alone?

    In one instance on March 16 he billed $675 for 5 hours while attempting service of subpoenas.

    COME ON FOLKS a subpoena is normally served by a process server for 50 cent a mile plus service fee.

    No service no payment.

    When the subpoena is served then the process server gets his fee.

    Look how much he charged ATTEMPTING to serve Mike McCleary.

    Add up all the attempts.

    Numerous times all the while he is an employee of the county and could be served at work.

    Several people are in that same category.

    Kim Cundiff.

    Why go to Wonder Lake when she is at the courthouse five days a week?

    In several circumstances he is billing where he includes INTERVIEW or coordinating a service on the phone.

    Anyone can see right through this scam to inflate the bill.

    Supposedly he needed to interview them, they could be interviewed at the Courthouse or by telephone.

    They could also be served at the courthouse.

    Most the names served are employees of the SAO or county and rather than get $675 trying to find them at their house, serve them at work!

    Perfectly legal service.

    He had a Golden Goose and it just kept laying those gold eggs and the County Board kept feeding the Goose.

    I hope the County Board takes a hard look at the billing as it reeks to high heaven.

  2. Why should the County Board pay for a “forensic expert” to ride along to serve subpoenas? What “forensic” skill is needed? Is this a case of no other work to bill for on those days?

    Any board member who votes for the specific boondoggle wastes of money that is in this billing should be thrown out of office.

  3. “More homework for the McHenry County Board “…. with some of the stuff coming out lately it sounds like they haven’t done their “homework” for quite some time!

    Why would they change now!

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