$20,800 More Quest Bills for McHenry County Board Members To Study

This is the the fourth bill submitted by Quest International to Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan for the investigation of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi and his assistant Joyce Synek.


It was given to Circuit Court Judge Gordon Graham, but not shown, as far as I know, to McHenry County Board members, the people who are tasked with making sure taxpayers money is not wasted.

I’ve been identifying the names that appear on the bills, both Quest employees and others named.  There are lots of blank billings on this one.  Maybe some of you will join me in wondering why information is being hidden.

Here’s the list for these four pages:

  • Rober Sclgalski
  • Henry Tonigan
  • Rhoeds (Rhodes?)
  • Keith Chval
  • Dan Jerger
  • Tom McQueen
  • ZJ Sales (Tony)
  • Tom Sullivan
  • Mary Nash


$20,800 More Quest Bills for McHenry County Board Members To Study — 2 Comments

  1. I am appalled and insulted by the high number of even-hour billings. Just look at them. Looks to me like their billing procedure is to round up to the nearest hour. Is 31 minutes billed as 1 hour? Must be a good deal for someone billing at the hourly rates they are charging?

    A lawyer would never get away with that type of billing. Who will bring Quest to its knees over its billing practice?

  2. I’m insulted that you’re insulted, Gus. You must think we’re all “sheeple” and will not look beyond your pronouncements. You may be right BUT… I look at the same documents and see 72 billing entries, of which 30 are a whole hour. It appears that like the attorneys who employe them, Quest is billing in quarter hour increments. If one is billing quarter hours, I don’t find it particularly appalling nor would I be insulted by 42% of the billing entries being for an even hour. At least not without further investigation which you rarely do before spouting off like you do. So… like my pseudonym… YAWN!

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