Layoffs in Harvard Schools

Here’s  what’s happening re layoffs at Harvard School District 50:

Friday afternoon view of the Crosby Elementary School parking lot.

This responds to your March 17, 2011, Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) request for “documents relating to the reasons for and date of any teachers’ or other certified personnel’s dismissals in 2009, 2010 and 2011.” The District has identified the following records as responsive to your request:

Notices of Non-Reemployment issued to the following first, second or third-year non-tenured teachers:

  • Cassandra Vinci
  • Dannielle Parrotte
  • Yuh-Shiow Sheu
  • Mark Rusk
  • Katherine Senese
  • Alberto Juarez
  • Garrett Dore
  • Angela Weaver
  • Heather Davis
  • Rachel Hockmeyer
  • Jamie Saunders
  • Efrain Gonzalez
  • Maria Guzman
  • Grecia Mapica Guevara
  • Wendy Krepel

Notices of Dismissal issued to the following grant-funded, non-tenured teachers:

  • Erin Thiede
  • Tara Peterson

Notice of Dismissal issued to the Kristi Havlicek, a fourth-year, non-tenured teacher

Notice of Nonrenewal issued to Donna Joyce and Ms. Joyce’s 2010-2011 performance evaluation.

Notice of Dismissal, Resolution and Bill of Particulars issued to Dr. Peter Koehn, a tenured school psychologist.

With the exception of Ms. Joyce’s 2010-2011 performance evaluation and the home addresses listed on each notice, the District is providing you with copies of the above-referenced documents as a PDF.

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The photo was taken about 2:30 Friday afternoon from the WeatherBug part of the Harvard School District’s web site.


Layoffs in Harvard Schools — 4 Comments

  1. Tenure is a BAD THING. There are many teachers that should get the axe but under the last hired, first fired they keep the ones that don’t do a good job instead of firing them. SOMEHOW these Teacher unions need to give up and agree to performance based evaluations and if you don’t make the grade ( pun) then bu-bye.

  2. Yes tenure is the worst item that unions have brought to the table. If it were truly for the children then they would be fine with getting rid of tenure, but we all know it’s about the money.

  3. As a student at Harvard High School I think that some of the teachers are getting a bad reputation from this article that they dont deserve.

  4. Take care when reviewing the evaluations that Harvard School District has provided you Mr. Skinner. Misrepresentation, illegal procedures, out and out lies and slander rule the day at Harvard School District #50. The administration does whatever they feel they can get away with, deep financial pockets provided through tax payer dollars, and the board votes yes to whatever Dr. Laura Tobias recommends no matter evidence provided to the contrary.

    Evidence of their illegal procedures can be easily obtained for anyone seeking justice.

    You forgot to ask for records of employees forced to resign, or resigned based upon Dr. Tobias’s interpretation’s, (liver shivers) of mysteriously lost phone messages.

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