Looking for Wisconsin State Senators in Galena

The Trading Post on the corner across the street no only sells novelty items, but appears to be THE shoe store in town. It also has cold cans of soft drinks for 75 cents.

My apologies to the first-time commenters this past extended weekend as my family and I were taking a short vacation at Galena’s Eagle Ridge Inn. All are now up but the one with the swear word.

One of my diversions was trying to find if I could find more Wisconsin State Senators. I figured that now they don’t have to be in Illinois to avoid legislative votes they might have come back for the ambiance.

And what part of northern Illinois has more ambiance than Galena?

We’re walking up the main drag and I see a couple getting out of a car in front of the DeSoto House.

It is not as easy as you might think to spot a Wisconsin State Senator. They don’t have legislative plates as is the case in Illinois.

This Green Bay Packer fan admitted he was a Wisconsin State Senator.

So I had to ask.


“Are you a Wisconsin State Senator, sir?”

I got was a smile from the man as the man denied being one and walked from the street to the sidewalk to join his wife.

We were walking on the other side of the street and I spotted a man wearing a “WISCONSIN” sweatshirt.

He, too, denied representing his state in the upper house.

But at Happy Joe’s the last day I hit pay dirt.

Sitting next to us at the place where the Taco Pizza was invented was a man wearing a Green Bay Packer jersey.

Having struck out up until then I was hesitant to ask.

But, finally, I did.

And he admitted to it!

He didn’t even object to my taking his photograph.

And, maybe he was.

The self-identified Wisconsin State Senator made tracks for the door of Happy Jack's in Galena.

The last time I saw him he wasn’t headed toward the game room to play Foosball.

He was headed for the Exit to the Route 20 parking lot.


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