Dennis Adams Gets Two-Fer: MCC & Business Pitch

I’ve often wondered why candidates don’t finance their campaign pieces with ads from local businesses.

After all, businesses don’t need a large segment of the market to be successful and linking oneself to even a candidate who loses would win good will among his or her supporters.

But, most business people aren’t even willing to put up a posted in their front window (a real change from 1966 when I ran for County Treasurer).

Now comes a letter from Adams Collision Center on Pyott Road in Lake in the Hills.

It’s from Dennis Adams, one of the two people appointed to fill a vacancy on the McHenry County College Board.

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He writes me as a Republican Precinct Committeeman, having served in the same post for twenty years.

“The homeowners cannot solely should the financial burden,” he writes, noting the decline in state and federal funding for community colleges.

“As owner of Adams Collusion Center Lake in the Hills and Harvard, I bring a professional business philosophy to the board, when will enable a good balance between the needs of the college, and the taxpayers, while providing an excellent education for the students.”

The letter is on his business stationery.

And, here’s what I find exciting: He has an ad for Adams Collision Center on both sides of his handout.

That’s a savvy businessman.

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