MCC Board Member George Lowe Writes GOP Committeemen

In an election that promises to be one of the lowest on record, it’s a good idea to communicate with those you are pretty sure will vote.

Republican and Democratic Party Precinct Committeemen and election judges would be on the list of most likely to vote…along with teachers with a vested interest in having friendly faces on the other side of the bargaining table.

Cary’s George Lowe, a long-time member of the McHenry County Board has sent an email to GOP Committeeman. You can read it below:

Hello Committee Men and Women,

My Name is George Lowe and I am running for reelection to the McHenry County College (MCC) board of trustees, an unpaid position. I am a former County Board member and long-term committeeman from Algonquin Township.

George Lowe

As a life long resident of McHenry County, I have been interested in the health of government and as a graduate of MCC; I would like to continue to guide its good health.

In the last two years, MCC has enjoyed a very healthy growth. With that comes expansion and that does not come easy.

MCC just last meeting raised the tuition and voted to spend approximately 3.5 million to enlarge the cafeteria and build a culinary section for the culinary program. This expenditure spent over two years will not put a crimp in the budget.

The Community College Act that created the community college system calls for the college budget to be paid in thirds.

  • One third from your tax bill,
  • one third from tuition, and
  • one third from the state.

At the present time the state is paying approximately 5%.

That is a long way from 33.3%. Down state schools get up to approximately 50%, which is a long way from where we stand, and now the state wants us, the local taxpayer, to pick up the retirement bill for the State University Retirement System (SURS).

These are just a couple of the problems facing MCC in the future.

I would like to remain on the board of MCC and I need your help in being reelected.

I would appreciate it if you could talk with your friend and neighbors in the next couple of days and encourage them to give me a vote.

I am on the bottom of the eight running for one of two positions.

I would appreciate your vote.

George Lowe, MCC Board


PS. Please cast a vote for Dennis Adams for the two-year position.


MCC Board Member George Lowe Writes GOP Committeemen — 3 Comments

  1. George did you and Dennis Adam vote for a 9% tuition hike last Thursday?

  2. George, did you let Vicky with no age get her own police department for the $35,000 a year she promised that is all it would cost?

  3. Votes for anyone who has been on the county board is a vote for higher costs and higher taxes.

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