MCC Candidate Erik Sivertsen Calls

Robo-calls are about all that is left that a candidate can do between now and the election.

This morning after I got home from the Patriots United Pro-Life Breakfast, the phone rang.

It turned out to be a robo-call from Erik Sivertsen.

He talked pretty fast and I only got fragmentary notes, so I tracked down the source, advertiser ReachFly, and asked for the copy, which appears below:

Did you know that MCCs Board of Trustees voted to raise tuition by 9% last Thursday?

Did you know that in that same meeting they approved nearly $4.5 million in additional spending?

Rather than take cost cutting measures to avoid a shortfall in next year’s budget they took the easy way out and just increased tuition.

I think this was a horrible decision.

Every citizen in District 528 is having to make changes to cope with these tough economic times and I believe the schools should do the same.

My name is Erik Sivertsen and I am running for MCCs Board of Trustees in the April 5th election.

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