McHenry High School “Three in a Row” Candidates Robo-Call

This is also being distributed this weekend. Click to enlarge.

It’s not only McHenry County College Board candidate Erik Sivertsen who is making robo-calls today.

The “Three in a Row” high school board candidates in McHenry are doing so, too.

Here’s the message:

Are you aware that McHenry School District 156 is asking for another tax increase?

We are three candidates opposed to this plan.

We will work hard to improve the financial stability of the school district without going to the taxpayers.

This Tuesday April 5th vote 3 in row, Beth Taylor, Steve Bellmore, Timothy Byers, then vote no on the McHenry School District 156 bond proposition, remember this is a tax increase.


McHenry High School “Three in a Row” Candidates Robo-Call — 1 Comment

  1. Are you kidding me? Watch Mr. Beyers’ NW Herald interview on Election Central – he is not opposed to “going to the taxpayers”. He and his group will sell a referendum to the community.

    They are just trying to get elected by tapping into the anti-referendum sentiment displayed in November.

    I hope everybody remembers the phone calls and literature when they prove themselves to be LIARS!

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