Patriots United Awards First Henry Hyde Award to McHenry County’s Pro-Life Godmother, Irene Napier

Irene Napier received the inaugural Henry Hyde Award Saturday morning from Patriots United from its Executive Director Brian Kelly.

Both Irene Napier and State Rep. Mike Tryon mightily enjoyed one of Brian Kelly's introductory comments.

As Napier sat in her seat, Kelly outlined her accomplishments to the packed D’Andrea’s banquet room.

There were laughs.

And more serious moments.

The death of an infant daughter, plus a son lost in an automobile accident helped motivate Napier to oppose the killing of innocent babies authorized under the U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade.

She could not understand how life could be treated so lightly.

Irene Napier gives her acceptance speech. I think she made reference to a teleprompter her.

Napier has become a “go-to” woman for those seeking office in McHenry County.

I don’t think it would be a misstatement to say that she is the most influential women in McHenry County.

Sigma Pigma Pie pig roast graphic from 2010.

She plugged the Sigma Pigma Pie fund raising event held the last week of June at her Valley View Road farm. Napier said this year it would be a blow-out, noting that she didn’t know how many years she had left.

Kelly present her with a tall wooden mother and child statue, which clearly stunned Napier.

In her acceptance speech, Napier gave God the credit for any accomplishment for which she was being honored.

Irene Napier near the end of her talk.

Brian Kelly had just given a speech about tearing down walls between church denominations, Pro-Life organizations.

“The biggest problem is finding each other and this shows we’ve found each other,” Napier told the crowd.

Retired manufacturer and head of Family Taxpayers Network Jack Roeser sung the praises of his long-time colleague Irene Napier.

Pausing, she entertained the audience by asking, “Where’s my teleprompter?


“I worry about getting praise and honors like this. It really belongs to God.”

She then noted, “I didn’t ever get elected to any office. I guess I’m just the Jesse Jackson of McHenry County.”

The last note I jotted down was, “I’ve got what it takes to take what you’ve got.”

After Napier spoke Jack Roeser took the microphone to praise her and present her with a $1,000 check.


Patriots United Awards First Henry Hyde Award to McHenry County’s Pro-Life Godmother, Irene Napier — 2 Comments

  1. Well, I am most honored by your kind words and careful attention to those details of a day that had almost become a blur to me in retrospect. I am grateful and thank you for assisting my recall of the day.

    The Patriots United have certainly showed our community that citizens who are loyal to God and His laws– that those who love our Nation and its Constitution are dominent in McHenry County and the area all about it. God must have inspired this project they have undertaken.

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