Barrington Hills’ Candidate David Stieper Makes Election Eve Appeal

As charges fly that election campaign contributions to the slate backed by Village President Robert Abboud and that a witness was deliberately not made available so the election would be over before an Illinois
State Board of Elections decision could be rendered, the only independent in the race, David Stieper, makes this last minute appeal:

Dear Neighbors of Barrington Hills:

As our journey of independence continues, I want to reiterate that the biggest threat of losing land to disconnection is our inflated spending.

Property owners legally qualified to disconnect will be encouraged to move from VBH to lower taxing municipalities.

The biggest threat to our property values is high real estate taxes resulting in part from our inflated spending.

I humbly ask again for your vote on Tuesday, April 5th. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Please pass this on to your friends.


David Stieper

Stieper provided the following post cards that were part of his campaign:

Click to enlarge.

Again, click to enlarge.

“Rain or Shine, Citizens for Stieper will be enjoying gourmet food and exotic beverages at the Penny Road Pub – Sutton Rd./Penny Road. Please join us, we invite all of you to come and celebrate the end of this election cycle. Tuesday, April 5, beginning at 7:30 p.m.”

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