Source Says District 47 Teachers Support Board Candidates

District 47 Sample Ballot.

The people on the ballot for the Crystal Lake Grade School District 47 School Board number four:

  • Robert Fetzner
  • Nancy Gonsiorek
  • Ryan Farrel
  • Carlo Agnello

There are three to be elected.

I’m ashamed to tell you that my level of knowledge about the candidates and where they stand is about as low as in any election in my experience.

I see yard signs in people’s yards that I know and respect for all of the candidates, except Agnello, who doesn’t seem to have yard signs.

No literature has reached me, even my subdivision of Country Club Additions has over 420 homes that can be covered by two people in a car.

Four years ago Gonsiorek ran on a platform of saving music and art and was informally endorsed by elementary school teachers.

This year I’ve been told that CLETA, the Crystal Lake Elementary Teachers Association, interviewed candidates. Further that they favor Gonsiorek and Fetzner. Whether that is an official or unofficial endorsement, my source did not know.


Source Says District 47 Teachers Support Board Candidates — 1 Comment

  1. Gonsiorek and Fetzner are part of a school board that has run a deficit for two years running and dipped into reserves. Reserves that the Chicago Tribune reports are excessive. And yet the local Herald praises Gonsiorek for her fiscal knowledge. I wish Agnello would have put up a campaign but right now Farrell gets my one and only vote.

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