Reaction to Bianchi Acquittal

From William Parrot, a supporter of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi:


So what do we call this:  witch hunt, fishing expedition or more aptly an unbridled, despicable misapplication of public monies and county resources?

After three days, real justice prevailed when the Judge ended the taxpayer-subsidized character assassination of Mr. Lou Bianchi.

Might we now expect total vindication of an honest, decent man with the enmasse resignation of the editorial board at the Northwest Herald?

Don’t hold your breath.

Against the poignant backdrop of plummeting readership of this pathetic excuse for a newspaper, the disinfectant quality of therapeutic sunlight has thankfully returned to McHenry County.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

William G. Parrot


Reaction to Bianchi Acquittal — 3 Comments

  1. Nice Job Mr. Parrot. I have stated it to a point where I can’t hardly breath.

    Today, RIGHT NOW, make that call and stop supporting a newspaper that stands on the side of evil!!

    You might be saying, well then how in the heck will I get my local news? Come right here to Cals blog, you will get what you need as it relates to your taxes and anything else related to your life, locally, that effects your wallet.

    You also have the internet and some bloggers.

    What the NW Herald has done to Lou Bianchi is a travesty and they MUST be held accountable. How do you do that?

    This is the ONE single act that you can actually effect punishment!

    I don’t know Mr. Bianchi beyond a few chance meetings, and I cannot say I have ever met such a fine man. “Call Me Lou” is what he will tell you if you try to show respect by calling him “Mr. Bianchi.”

    He is a common plan, with an ‘Trustworthy Plan!’

    The NW Herald is on its last legs, help make that final cut. They must not be able to pay very well because their BIGGEST MOUTH, Kevin Lyons, has consistent problems with the police.

    He is regularly cited for driving without Valid Insurance, without Valid Registration for his car, and got a ‘Sweetheart’ deal on his Driving While Drunk.

    Yes, this is the man, Reporter Kevin Lyons, how ‘Bashed’ a man like “Lou!”

    SO, what are you going to do about it now friends? Pick up that phone NOW.

    I’ve stopped my advertising and canceled my morning ‘drop off’ of the trash.

    God Bless Lou Bianchi and Mrs. Bianchi.

    We have another round to go…….

    But when ‘They’ are again beaten back, we will have another situation to deal with. But this next time, it won’t be a waste of time and Lou can sit back and enjoy the show!

  2. Come on, Big Bird. There would be less information in the public arena without the Northwest Herald.

    Yes, I long for the days when Steve Stanek was covering the Courthouse for the Chicago Tribune and Chuck Keeshan for the Daily Herald, along with whoever was there for the Northwest Herald, but more reporters are better than fewer.

  3. I am sorry but I am not at all impressed with the Mchenry Country States attorneys office. I don’t think you have enough input from people in the community to know what kind of a job is being done in his office.

    Mchenry County would do well to have a chnge in this office.

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