The Joe Walsh That Is Not Intimidated by MSNBS’s Laurence O’Donnell

Congressman Joe Walsh gives not an inch under intensive grilling by MSNBC's Laruence O'Donnell.

Look at this March 31st video billed by MSNBC as

“MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell goes toe-to-toe with Tea Party Republican Rep. Joe Walsh (Illinois) about the so-called Government Shutdown Prevention Act”

and you’ll know why Democrat Melissa Bean’s handlers would not let her debate Joe Walsh more than once during last year’s campaign and why she insisted the only candidates’ night (the one in Grayslake sponsored by the non-Flag Pledging League of Women Voters) not be recorded.

Again and again O’Donell tries to make Walsh look stupid by asking if he knew that the House’s passing its budget bill did not mean it became law.

Again and again on O’Donnel’s “Last Word” Walsh says the House is passing an appropriations bill with budget cuts its favors in order to get the U.S. Senate to respond.

Videos like this are going to make potential 2010 Democratic Party opponents think long and hard about challenging the 291-vote general election victor.

One potential opponent, State Rep. Jack Franks has had nothing but soft ball interviews on national TV. In fact, the only interview in which he was forced to squirm was when WIND’s Dennis Miller pinned him on Term Limits.


Jack Franks “Bridles” at Dennis Miller’s Suggestion of Term Limits

Franks is now in his sixth term–well beyond anyone’s definition of the length a term limit supporter should serve.


The Joe Walsh That Is Not Intimidated by MSNBS’s Laurence O’Donnell — 4 Comments

  1. You got to be kidding me, you think this guy knows what he is talking about? A freshman does not get to play with the big boys yet and the big boys are not telling the freshman the whole story.

    I do give credit for the freshman for going to toe toe and fighting for his beliefs even if they are a bit sorted.

  2. Joe Walsh was outstanding because he really knows what he is talking about.

    He shows how conservatives can win in Illinois, in spite of no help from either Tryon or Althoff, Republicans who were spineless in not supporting him.

    Plenty of people voted for Joe and not for John O’Neill who also didn’t actively support Joe Walsh. O’Neill foolishly thought he was more popular than Joe Walsh and didn’t want his name associated with Joe’s.

    Joe Walsh showed that existing do-nothing Republican politicians don’t matter very much. Cal helped and it made a difference.

  3. Joe Walsh beat Melissa Bean by squeaky hair-a rounding error almost. He has no overwhelming mandate to unleash his idealogical war against women, children, clean air and animals. He speaks often of the debt we leave our children but not of the pollution, oil spills and nuclear accidents that render what we leave our children financially, a completely moot point. He probably has a mandate to help cut spending overall. We hope that Joe matures into a true representative of his consitutency and not one more idealogue. We are watching.

  4. Perhaps he should be more concerned about the debt he leaves his own children and pay his back child support. I understand why he is not concerned with default since his own financial default got him elected to congress. He is an embarrassment and has no credibility on fiscal issues considering his own irresponsibility. Perhaps he will do a Palin a quit halfway through his term and get hired at Fox News where his mindless view of government is welcome.

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