Voting Sparse in Crystal Lake

No one was voting absentee in person the day before the election at this County Clerk's polling place.

From the front lines of today’s substitution for war, comes this report from Mike Shorten:

“I just got back from the Rotary Building at Veterans Acres where I dropped my ballot in the box at 8:42. 

“Based on the number showing on the display, the total ballots cast at that time, including mine was 30.

“It should be noted that the polling place and the box that I dropped the ballot in serves Nunda 15, Nunda 11 and Nunda 18, which has a combined registered voter count of 2948.”

The percentage calculation is pretty easy–1$ had voted in person after the “morning rush.”

If you care to share the number voting in your polling place, please ask the number on the voter registration rolls as well, so we can calculate the percentage turnout.


Voting Sparse in Crystal Lake — 5 Comments

  1. It’s pretty sad when I have to go online to sort out what’s on the ballot today. I have seen nothing about today’s election. This site gives me something to think about before I go and vote today.

  2. They need to stop using schools for polling places. Most schools in the area barely have enough parking for teacher, staff and parent volunteers. Now add voters, and you have an even worse parking situation.

    It’s also a safety risk to the children. We keep the doors to the school locked, yet we let 1000 “strangers” into the buildings on election day.

    This needs to change!!

  3. Change Isn’t Happening – Go get ’em. Why don’t you organize a Tea Party at every school that permits these terrible voters onto their property to try an vote.

  4. I didn’t say the voters were terrible. I said they were “strangers”.

    I’m all for everyone voting, but not at schools where are children are trying to learn.

  5. I was an Election Judge in Nunda 9 and I can tell you that when the polls closed we had a grand total of 37 votes cast today plus 3 early voters from the precinct. We estimated the turnout at less than 5%. Some voters noted it had been difficult to get information about the candidates.

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