Grafton Township Hall Opponents Urge Annaul Meeting Attendence

People are being urged to attend a Grafton Township Special Town Meeting next Tuesday at 6 at the Huntley High School.

Here’s what the post card looks like:

This post card arrived recently.

It points out that the Township Trustees have not followed the instructions of the electors at last year’s Annual Town Meeting to repay the money borrowed from the Township Road District to build a new township hall.

Here’s the back of the postcard.


Grafton Township Hall Opponents Urge Annaul Meeting Attendence — 8 Comments

  1. Just the latest in a long line of LIES! The trustees did arrange to pay off the $700k, in payments not in one lump sum! How can anyone trust that the township has ANY money when there has been no audit? LIES! LIES! LIES!

    It is crucial that citizens attend the special meeting, to put a stop to Moore’s LIES and attempts to destroy the township!

    It’s time for the residents to take back the township!!!!!

  2. What are the ramifications IF this is paid off in one lump sum?

    Cal, shame on you for promoting her evil, truthless agenda.

  3. I’m wondering where these 40 residents, responsible for this postcard, are getting there information. In the 2010 and 2011 minutes, I saw several attempts by the trustees to come up with a plan to pay the road district without bankrupting the township. All of which the SUPERVISOR voted NAY. It’s all or nothing with her.

  4. This green postcard is laughable. Grafton residents are very much more educated on Linda Moore than 2 years ago when she slithered into the supervisor’s role.

    No More Moore .. we are on to you.

  5. One of Linda’s supporters posted this on another site:

    “mrs moores es doing grat jobs. kepping tonshps on trax. savings taxespayrs monies. stoppings buildings. stoppings bus programs. stoppings free food pantries. stoppings rent for food pantris. stoppings lawers fess. to much wasts in townships governments. mrs moores thanks for savings monies. vladmir”

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