Grafton Township Residents Unload Electronic Appliances

A press release from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore:

Electronic Recycling Event a Success

By Linda Moore, Grafton TWP Supervisor

“I have saved this truckload of electronics in my basement for 25 years.

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to dispose of it for free and without putting it in our landfills.”

A steady stream of recyclers came to the Grafton Township Garage.

This was the comment from one of the first participants who dropped off their waste.

About 30 Com 2 employees and volunteers worked steadily from 10 am to 2 pm to unload cars and trucks.

None of the participants waited in line.

As an added bonus, everyone received the Grafton Township Supervisor’s newsletter detailing township services and township calendar of events.

The total weight of the donated items was 48,278 lb.

There were 63 pallets filled with electronic waste.

EleConcerns about privacy protection were quickly allayed when residents were shown what a shredded hard drive looked like after Com 2 used their special machine to destroy them.

To view pictures of this event visit the township website here

Volunteers from the Huntley Lions Club, Sun City Computer Club, Huntley Trinity Lutheran Church, Huntley Historical Society, Huntley High School Honor Society and the Grafton Township Board all worked together on a beautiful Saturday to serve the local community. Tovar Snow Plowing donated safety vests for the volunteers. Another recycling event will be scheduled this fall. Thank you to everyone who donated or volunteered.


Grafton Township Residents Unload Electronic Appliances — 8 Comments

  1. Where were the trustees that were helping out? Oh wait this made LINDA MOORE look good. They don’t want any part of that.

  2. Bill,

    Please educate yourself before posting. TRUSTEE Barb Murphy was there helping (and can be seen in photos if you need proof). If you review some of the comments on, you might notice that there are those who say Linda Moore spent her time handing our propaganda instead of helping. But believe what you want.

    Also, you may want to review the article about the legality of the “special meeting” agenda for tomorrow night while you’re at it. It seems like Ms. Moore’s comrades have missed out on doing everything according to the books.

    But believe whatever it is that you want. It seems like Ms. Moore and her friends like to just manufacture things to make themselves appear good anyways. For the truth of the matter, check this out.

    Blind or educated, all your choice.

  3. Actually I know Barb Murphy was directing traffic when I made my drop off. The only thing Linda Moore was doing was stuffing her propoganda in people’s faces

  4. Cal, Cary had their village wide clean-up day right before the election . . . you tried to make a big deal about it on your blog; inferring the event was a pre-election stunt meant to help Cary incumbents. Now we have electronic recycling right before a “special” Grafton meeting. Interesting timing this. I’m surprised a watcher of your caliber won’t blog about the similarity.

  5. Any idea of how we can drop off our supervisor waste? Anyone?

  6. Its always the same three biased bloggers on this issue, same old song.

  7. Maybe the song would change if Linda Moore would do her job instead of doing her best to bankrupt the township.

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