Day of Silence Planned at Huntley High School Friday

I arrived early for the six o’clock Grafton Township Special Town Meeting Tuesday and figured it might be long enough that I should go to the bathroom.

I remembered from last year that I was directed to some far off corner of the building and tried to retrace my steps.

Camera in hand, I found this poster and figured it was worth a shot:

This poster for the "Day of Silence" was posted in one of Huntley High School's halls.

Then, right outside the bathrooms I found this poster for a Christian group called C.H.I.L.L. announcing opportunities to “hang out with Christians, There will be food.”

The fish symbols identifies this poster as being for a Christian group.

I had seen a display window for last year’s Day of Silence observation last year, so I went looking for one this year.

The 2010 Huntley High School Day of Silence window display.

This year, the display was in a different part of the hallway.

How would the teenager you know fill in the blank?

While last year’s tee shirt seemed to be a dated commemorative one, this year’s says, “That’s so _____.”

The display concentrates on words that are used to describe classmates, one derogatory and one favorable.

The 2011 display is entitled, "'Words Hurt' Week." Click to enlarge any image.

Here’s a list of slang of old and today:

Slang then and now. Click to enlarge.

Who’s sponsoring the Day of Silence?

The Gay Straight Alliance, according to the sign-up sheet below:

The sign-up sheet says the Day of Silence is sponsored by the Gay Straight Alliance and that "participation passes" must be picked up in Mrs. Regan's room by Wednesday.

The purpose of the silence?

“…to protest the bullying and harassment of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered youth and their allies.”


Day of Silence Planned at Huntley High School Friday — 5 Comments

  1. “…to protest the bullying and harassment of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered youth and their allies.”

    Anybody with half a brain knows that you expect bullying and harassment in school. Whether it’s because you are too smart or too dumb, too friendly or not friendly enough, too fat or too skinny, too short or too tall, too promiscuous or not promiscuous enough, or any other characteristic which makes an individual stand-out from the herd.

    The liberals have made it a crime to bully or harass a homosexual yet they still promote the idea that homosexuals are victims who need somebody to stand up for them with actions such as this divisive “Day of Silence.”

    I propose a day to commemorate those heroic Conservative Christian Youth who are daily insulted and made to feel inferior because of their beliefs by fellow students, teachers, and the media. Of course these Conservative Christian Youth are comfortable enough with themselves that they do not need others to stand up for them or affirm them.

  2. George, I hope that your child never decides that it would be easier to kill themselves than to face the daily bullying and harassment the you seem to approve of. Moreso, I hope that no one elses child decides to kill themselves because of someone like you.

  3. George- You are part of the problem. Since you propose a day to commemerate conservative Christian youth, I suppose that is where you see yourself.

    Read your statements again and tell me if they reflect a true Christian belief, or if they are just more judgemental crap.

    Do you know any gay or lesbian youngsters? I suppose you probably don’t. How many of those Conservative Christain youths will come out later in life after they realize that they have been stifled by their conservative Christian beliefs?

  4. George,

    I agree with the the other posters. How can your response to this day possibly reflect Christian beliefs? In your type of Christianity, is okay to bully or harass those who are different than you? How is it that people like you tend to forget the idea of WWJD? What would Jesus do if he saw people being bullied and harassed?

    Bullying and harassment are wrong, no matter the reason. Whether it is because the student is black, white, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, gay, lesbian, fat, skinny, smart, or disabled, BULLYING AND HARASSMENT NEED TO STOP! There are children out there who are being tormented to the point of taking their own lives! The adults of this country need to stand up and be an example for the children and make sure that they understand the consequences of their actions when the bully and harass other children. We need to make sure they know this is not acceptable behavior and SHOW them how we can all exist in a world together. The world is getting smaller all the time thanks to technology so we need to learn to co-operate if we want our plant to survive.

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