Coiner of Word “Quinncidence” Strikes Again

There was a bit of a lag time between when the Chicago Tribune ran this story and this April 22, 2011, editorial.

Some wordsmith at the Chicago Tribune editorial board came up with the wonderful word “Quinncidence” January 23rd to characterize actions that look like pay-to-play in the Pat Quinn

It’s first use came when Quinn appointed defeated State Rep. Careen Gordon of Morris to the Illinois Prison Review Board.

The post pays more than that of state representative, $86,000 a year.

Losing state legislators often get offers like that.

I got such an offer when Lee Daniels was trying to get me not to run in 2000 and another, paying less but still far more than I had earned as state rep., after I lost the primary election to Rosemary Kurtz.

Both would have increased my pension by a lot. I refused both offers.

Unlike Gordon, I didn’t talk to the Governor about a pending income tax increase vote and, then, switch my position for “No” to “Yes.” Just three days after she talked to Quinn.

There was a firestorm after Pat Quinn announced Gordon’s appointment, which forced the dropping of the idea.

As I noted two days ago, Quinn’s appointment of Gordon to be Associate General Counsel for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation looking like another Quinncidence.

The salary?

Slightly less than before–$84,000–but still more than an Illinois representative is paid.

This position does not require going through the buzz saw of Senate confirmation.

No quid pro quo.

Just a Quinncidence, as the Tribune points out in its editorial.


Coiner of Word “Quinncidence” Strikes Again — 2 Comments

  1. Apparently Careen Gordon’s education at Purdue University, University of Illinois, and John Marshall Law School did not leave much of an impression in terms of ethics.

    She is a government employee in the State of IL. I wonder what her pension will be someday?

    From the following website. “Gordon has also lead the charge to keep businesses in Illinois and is working to repeal harmful fees instituted in recent years.” Apparently that went out the window after she talked to Quinn about the lame duck income tax increase in January 2011, and then reversed her opposition of such increase and supported it.

  2. Blago, Ryan, etc. TRIED to hide their corruption while Quinn flaunts it. Why are the Feds not all over Quinn yet?!?

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