Kane County Board Has Posted Draft Reapportionment Map

Here’s a county ahead of the redistricting curve.

Kane County's draft county board district map. It has 24, rather than the current 26 districts. Click to enlarge or go to the original.

At the last meeting of the McHenry County Board a number of non-Legislative Committee members wanted to see tentative maps.

They pretty much got the brush-off.

Now comes Kane County map makers with a proposal that is on the internet.

It would seem that McHenry County officials would be capable of following suit.

Below is the northern Kane County map:

The county board map for northern Kane County. Click to enlarge.

Below is the Algonquin area map. You will note that the over/under figures on population are given and they are no where near the +/- 1,500 people proposed for McHenry County districts.

Proposed re-apportionment for Dundee Township county board districts is shown on this part of the map.

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