Rahm Emanuel’s McHenry County Contributors

The Sunday Chicago Tribune last week had a data base of Chicago Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel’s contributors.

Just for fun, I thought I’d look up those from zip codes covering parts of McHenry County.

Here’s what I found.  They are in order of zip code with contributions within each in descending order.  Barrington, which has the most, but only a part of Barrington Hills and Barrington Shores in McHenry County is first.

Cary is next, with two people donating.  Danny Warner and Donny Fitzgerald are listed.

Crystal Lake has one contributor, John Major.

There is also one from Richmond, Dennis Hollan.

A Woodstock resident, Abigail Guzman, contributed $1,000.


Rahm Emanuel’s McHenry County Contributors — 3 Comments

  1. Very interesting that there was a $5000 contribution from someone who lives in an aparment in Woodstock. She says she is an orthodontist at Hoffman Orthodontics. That must be an error since when you go to the website for Hoffman Orthodontics, there is only one Orthodontist working there. There is a tech named Abby, who according to the “Meet the team” section of the website is from Woodstock. How does an ortho tech who is young and lives in an apartment get $5000 to donate to a political candidate? Sounds really fishy to me!

  2. Why would Denis Holian, Republican School Board President from Richmond, have an interest in a Chicago Democrat? Could it be that he hopes his insulation company will keep getting work from the City of Chicago.

  3. Gosh… I wonder why all the donations from the Barrington area “fat cats”?

    I imagine it’s because they are probably all just huge supporters and expect nothing in return!

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