The Contest-That-Wasn’t for Crystal Lake Park Board

There was no contest for Crystal Lake Park Board this spring.
But, there could have been.

The three unopposed winner were

  • Larry Wheeler – 1,771
  • Paul Myers – 1,745
  • Richard Passavant – 1,630

Look at the ballot order below and you will see the advantage of being first and last even on a short ballot.

Those who took out candidate kits from park district headquarters who did not file are listed below:

  • Janice Hudson
  • Lori Keller
  • Rich Sexton
  • Mike Shorten

Sexton was (is still) an incumbent.

Shorten ran for city council previously and filed to do so this year, but withdrew.

The room where voting usually takes place at the Crystal Lake Main Beach House.

Keller is Democratic Party Precinct Committeeman in Algonquin Township Precinct 19.  Her precinct votes where mine does, in the Main Beach Building.

Perhaps had she won, the Park Board might return the polling place to the main room overlooking the lake, rather than shunting voters to the back room across from the bathrooms.

I continued not to be able to understand why kids karate is considered more important that voting.


The Contest-That-Wasn’t for Crystal Lake Park Board — 1 Comment

  1. First hopefully your blog will educate more people so they are incented to vote.

    Reasons people don’t vote:

    People claim they don’t have enough time to research the issues and candidates.

    People think their one little vote doesn’t make a difference.

    People think no matter who they vote for, the government will waste money.

    Let’s say you do want to research the issues. What’s available? Largely local paper reports which often are little more than board issued press releases.

    Let’s say you wanted to research an incumbents voting record (how they voted on each issue) during their 4 year tenure. There is no such report. The voter would have to wade through 4 years of board minutes.

    People don’t know how the government is spending their money. My favorite is the local school district. 6% raises each year teachers and administrators, during the last 4 years prior to retirement. The Board approves that. Find another job in the history of earth that gives 3/4 of their workforce (classified employees like secretaries, maintenance, cafeteria, etc. don’t get that perk) a 6% raise their last 4 years prior to retirement.

    I could go on and on.

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