Crystal Lake Tops Chicagoland Gas Price Average of $4.35

The Chicago Tribune reports that gasoline prices are up because the storms that raked the South temporarily shut down seven refineries.

May 3, 2011, the Chicago Tribune had a short story about metropolitan area gasoline prices being higher than ever before.

$4.35 during last week.

It was $4.30 a gallon during July 7, 2006.

As things would have it, I again drove to Belvidere on Monday.

Citgo was charging $4.45 per gallon in Crystal Lake on May 1, 2011.

The price at the Citgo station where the little McDonald’s is located at the northwest corner of Route 14 and Route 176 bore a price of $4.45 per gallon for regular gas.

In Belvider the price was thirty cents per gallon cheaper than in Crystal Lake on Monday.

In Belvidere, the price was 30 cents a gallon cheaper at the Road Ranger station.

As one reader noted last week, Crystal Lake’s gasoline may now be have the EPA-required summer formula to burn cleaner, while Rockford’s does not.

Also a factor is the one percent

  • Crystal Lake now-1% Home Rule sales tax,
  • McHenry County’s four cent a gallon Motor Fuel Tax and
  • the now-0.75% RTA gas tax.

Boone County taxpayers are not stuck with paying those.


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