Proposed McHenry County Board Redistricting Map Released

Only hard core political types will probably be interested in the new county board map for the Southeast McHenry County.

So, if you are thinking you might want to run for the office, take a look.

Proposed McHenry County Board districts in Southeast McHenry County.

Here’s District 2, which is represented by McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler, Scott Breeden, Jim Heisler and Donna Kurtz. It looks pretty compact.

This proposal continues to split Crystal Lake at Crystal Lake Avenue, which is the Algonquin-Nunda Township line. The district, which needed to pick up a lot of population because the old district was built-out is extended down into Lake in the Hills to its southern border with Algonquin, Algonquin Road. It still goes into Algonquin along the Fox River.

District 1 certainly is not compact. In the current version, it stretches from Fox River Grove to Algonquin. In the new version, it goes from Fox River Grove to Lake in the Hills.

It appears that the proposed District 1 will take in parts of the Crystal Lake High School District and unit districts based in Barrington, Carpentersville and Huntley. It does include most of Algonquin.

District 5 continues to include all of Dorr Township, where most of Woodstock is, and to go all the way south to the Kane County line. Route 14 is still its western boundary in Grafton Township.

I asked Democrat Paula Yensen for her reaction.

She replied, “I ended up in District 5.  I am happy the Legislative Committee listened to my concerns.”

The vertical District 5 is about as uncompact as District 1.

District 3 dips deeper in Algonquin Township. Before only one precinct in Oakwood Hills was used to pact more people into the Nunda Township-dominated district.

Now Algonquin Township precincts with Crystal Lake and Cary addresses have been added.

The area of the current District 3 has been enlarged. Added from Algonquin Township are precincts 12, 49 & 50.

The district lines as they exist now can be seen below:

2002-2012 McHenry County Board map.

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