New Food Pantry for Grafton Township Public Assistance

A press release from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore:


Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore is now operating a General Assistance Food Pantry at the Township Office located at 10109 Vine Street, Huntley Illinois.

Non-perishable food item donations and personal care items, including toilet paper, are greatly appreciated by those who are applying for financial assistance from the General Assistance Office operated by Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore.

The recipients are often experiencing life-threatening problems including utility shut-off notices and eviction notices.

Please drop off your donations during office hours, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm, at the Township Building.  Receipts are available for your tax deductible contributions to the Food Pantry. Please call 1-847-669-3328 if you have any questions.

Girl Scouts who collected food donations for the new General Assistance Food Pantry pose in front of the Grafton Township Hall.

The township sincerely appreciates Girl Scout Troop 183’s donation of over 100 non-perishable food items.

These 5th and 6th grade girls held a SWAPS (Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere) night and traded pins with 60 other girl scouts to work towards earning the Cadette Silver Award.

The food was donated by those attending the SWAPS event.

Their leader explained that they also made toys for an area animal shelter and dolls for the local police station to give to ease a crisis for young people. They also made door decorations for an assisted living community.


New Food Pantry for Grafton Township Public Assistance — 27 Comments

  1. General Assistance Pantry? Do you even know what General Assistance is Linda Moore? How many claims have you approved in the 2 years that you have been in the supervisor position?

    How dare you take away from the real Grafton Food Pantry. You are something else Linda Moore.

  2. I have to give kudos to the young ladies who donated these items out of the goodness of their hearts.

    Perhaps they were miss-informed and thought they were donating to the REAL Grafton Food Pantry. What an unfortunate mistake seeing that no body goes to THAT “food pantry”.

  3. Here we go again….Grafton resident, do you believe SeeingtheLight, CaddyCassandra, and I are all the same person because we all agree on this subject right? Before we get there, we are not. And I’m sure you won’t respect our opinions and suggest that they are merited or welcome but we have the right to share our thoughts just as much as you do.

    Why does Linda Moore need to start a second Grafton Food Pantry when there already is a Grafton Township Food Pantry? And I believe that it was even in the same building where Ms. Moore works when she started her term. Why not work co-operatively with the existing pantry? If I understand correctly, Ms. Moore says this pantry is for GA clients. Guess she won’t need many donations since she hasn’t handed out much in GA. It’s my understanding that there was even a large sum that was leftover from GA last year.

  4. I do, but I have no faith or trust that Linda Moore will be compassionate and actually provide for those in need.

  5. I believe GA was 17K for the fiscal year before this whole mess began (YE 2009)…It was a fraction the financial statement…..a sad small fraction…and what township is the “real” Grafton Township Food Pantry located? Or did you all correct that little problem? Just askin…….

  6. “What do you base your opinion on? Fact or personal opinion?”

    I’m basing my opinion of fact, Grafton Resident. I know one of the mothers whose daughter was involved.

    “Don’t you want to see people get food no matter where?”

    Honestly, I think people would have a better chance at getting food by going door to door than asking Linda Moore for it. She doesn’t have a compassionate bone in her body and all this is just for appearances.

  7. What’s with kids flashing a “sideways 2” in pictures. Is this some attempt by the white kids to appear “ghetto” or something?

  8. Grafton Resident, actually, its not “the former food pantry”, it still is a food pantry, and even though it is in Rutland Township, it serves residents of Grafton Township, and it is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) under that name, as can be seen at the link below. Besides, I’m pretty sure that the only reason that the former supervisor moved it to a building in Rutland Township, is because the current supervisor kicked them out of the Grafton Townhall.

  9. Then let me explain it to you in small words that you will understand.

    At 6:37am this morning you said “The former supervisor moved the former food pantry…” Its not a former food pantry, it is still in existance, so it still is a food pantry. It is not a gas station or a magic store or the meeting place for a bunch of thugs.

    It still serves residents of Grafton Township, and the name “Grafton Township Food Pantry” is registered with the IRS (you are familiar with them, aren’t you?) so even if it is physically located in Rutland Township, it is still the “Grafton Township Food Pantry”

  10. Do they use any of their cash donations to pay for employees?

  11. Allowing for a legal discussion over who owns the name (for the pantry currently run by the previous twp. supervisor) or if the name is shortened or lengthened anywhere in the comments or if it implies it is still tied to the Township, or “whatever” –

    Here’s a simple thought –

    Hooray, another food pantry in the area!

    It’s fine with me if every church or other place of worship in the area has a food pantry or a diaper and formula pantry, etc. It’s find with me if local school districts have donation and distribution days. It’s fine with me if the post office does it’s thing. While pooling all of the funds or the food donations might be an interesting and efficient way to run things, sometimes individuals or different entities simply like doing their own thing. People in different communities may not trust entities that aren’t very close to them.

    It also provides locations and opportunities that are spread out so that if, perhaps, a township is so many miles large and spread from here to there – everyone doesn’t have to only count on going to one place. Convenience is also nice if the individuals qualify for whatever rules are embraced or required for an entity that is close by.

    However, all the crabbing isn’t about that, it’s about the political battles going on for a couple of years now.

  12. Aileen, Your words sounds so sweet, innocent and genuine….but knowing the history as I do, I know you’re full of **it. Of course this is about politics! She’s up for re-election in two years. She has to start on painting that pretty picture now if she expects to get any votes. With all the damage she’s done it’ll take at least that long.

    Wasn’t it YOUR friend who managed to kick out Grafton Township Food Pantry from the building and would not even acknowledged it’s existence when folks asked for directions? If Linda were so genuinely concerned for peoples needs, why not allow them to use the LOCAL food pantry, as you have just suggested? Are you saying that you didn’t agree with your friends actions at the time this was happening?

    IF I thought, and that’s a big “if”, Linda started the food pantry because she saw there was a need, I would have commended her for it. But, I have to say, given the history of trickery and deceit that I have witnessed of the current supervisor over the past two years, I have to wonder what her motivations are. Therefor, NO, I don’t trust Linda Moore and I don’t care how local she is.

  13. GR, if you scroll up you’ll see that I did answer your question. If you have another, I’d be happy to debate that one as well.

  14. No, you still haven’t answered the questions 11 19 and 12 56.

  15. So if I am in need and live next to the food pantry that resides in Rutland…I will not get served because I live in Rutland and not in Grafton? I am certain that is not the case. A registered name is just a name. It does not define it’s organization’s mission in an absolute sense…The Salvation ARMY is a good example.

  16. Hmmmm….I guess I didn’t realize that I was the go-to person for all your nonsensical, questioning. I’ll go ahead and give you an answer to your questions and then I have some of my own….okay pumpkin?

    “Why doesn’t it serve the people of Rutland TWP?”
    I don’t know that they don’t serve portions of Rutland. According to their site they serve the Village of Huntley, Village of Lakewood and portions of Lake in the Hills, Crystal Lake and Algonquin.

    “Do they use any of their cash donations to pay for employees?”
    Since I am not a volunteer, employee, treasure, or auditor for the GTFP, I won’t be able to give any kind of definite answer. However, given their history as an upstanding, non-profit organization in this state for some years now, I’m confident that they distribute their funding with the utmost propriety.

    Now my turn:

    -Why doesn’t Linda Moore serve ANYBODY in Grafton Township?

    -GTFP has helped 141 families in March alone. How many general assistance applicants have been approved in the last two years? 1…is it?

    -Why did Linda Moore involve innocent children in her political scheming?

    -What does Linda Moore do with her cash donations?

    -Why did Linda Moore exclude an auditor from presenting their proposal at recent special meeting?

  17. You’re making ASSumptions again, GR. I cant help it if you don’t like my answers. That’s your prerogative.

    It has been noted, however, that you have not attempted to answer even one of my questions. Perhaps you don’t know or can’t come up with an answer good enough to justify Linda’s actions or lack, thereof.

    Good day!

  18. GR

    You must be Linda Moore or someone close to her. You are twisting everything! This is how LM rolls.

  19. No answers to my questions?
    Oh that’s right, Linda Moore, aka Grafton Resident, answers to know one.

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