More Opportunities to Join the Republican Party

Chemung and Dunham Townships.

Yesterday we looked at Alden and Algonquin Townships. Algonquin Township has 13 precincts with no Republican Precinct Committeeman. (I’d do Democrats, too, but the McHenry County Democratic Party web site doesn’t have a handy listing.)

Burton Township

Today, we’ll look at the Burton Township (Spring Grove + Fox Lake), Chemung (Harvard), Coral (Union), Dorr (Bull Valley + Woodstock), Dunham (southern Harvard) and Grafton (Lakewood, Crystal Lake, Lake in the Hills + Huntley) Townships.

There are eleven empty precincts in these six townships.

Want to take over Republican politics in Spring Grove. Easy enough. Get two of your friends and ask Mike Tryon, the Chairman of the McHenry County Republican Party, to appoint you.

Right now, the GOP has no troops on the ground in that small, northeastern-most township.

Half of Chemung Township’s four precincts are vacant.  Also in the southern part of the Harvard area, Dunham Township has no precinct committeeman.

In Grafton Township, where township politics is a blood sport, six out of 31 precincts are vacant.

If you are interested in being appointed in any of these precincts, just drop me an email and I’ll be happy to forward it to Chairman Tryon. Or you can contact him directly.

Dorr Township has no vacancies, but for future reference the precincts are shown here.

Grafton Township’s precinct map is below:

Grafton Township precinct map.

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