Greenwood, Hartland, Hebron, Marengo and McHenry Township GOP Opportunities

Moving alphabetically down the list of 17 townships in McHenry County, we take a look at vacancies in Greenwood, Hartland, Hebron and McHenry Townships today.
Greenwood and Hartland have one apiece.

Marengo has none and McHenry has two.

Just because one sees the name of a precinct committeeman does not necessarily mean they have been elected to the post.  They may have been appointed and not live in the precinct.

Maps of the townships appear below:

Greenwood Township precinct map. Greenwood precinct 4 is vacant. It is in Woodstock. It's eastern boundary is Route 14. The township covers the west side of Wonder Lake.

Hartland Township has no population centers. Route 14 runs through it from Woodstock to Harvard. Hartland Township Precinct 2 is vacant.

Both precincts in Hebron Township are filled with elected committeemen, but you could contact either and volunteer to assist.

Marengo Township precincts. Only Mary Lou Zierer in Marengo 4 was elected Precinct Committeeman.

Only precincts22 and 25 have no committeeman in McHenry Township.

If you are interested in helping out, drop me an email or email Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon directly.

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