Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

When we went to the Kalahari Water Park in Wisconsin Dells a couple of weeks ago, I was on the lookout for posters about the bargaining rights dispute, the demonstration about which a Friend of McHenry County Blog sent me photos.

I had heard that union members wee going into retail establishments asking permission in a rather heavy-handed approach to put up “We support the union position” posters.

Admittedly, my sample was to small to reach a conclusion that merchants in the Dells wanted no part in the dispute, but my eyes did perk up when I saw the tee shirt below in Buffalo Phil’s:

Where did this high school student get her anti-Republican tee shirt, I wondered.

"Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins.

When I asked what the tee shirt’s message was all about, my hopes of having found something political were dashed.

The teen told me it was a tee shirt to promote a movie entitled, “Down with the Capitol.”

Something about a movie based on a Suzanne Collins’ book entitled, “Hunger Games.”

Below you see the front of the tee shirt, the symbolism of which escapes me

The front of the "Down with the Capitol" tee shirt has a sharp-beaked bird carrying an arrow.

Found a trailer of the movie. Only 1.5 million people have watched it. Good music.

Release date is March 23, 2012.

Maybe Illinois’ Tea Party folks should adopt the tee shirt.

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