Message of the Day – Court Reporter Fail

Most of the audience at the Marengo reapportionment hearing in April.

I was looking at the transcript of the Elgin hearing conducted by Barbara Flynn Currie and her reapportionment committee.

Here’s testimony that had me laughing out loud:

MR. PEICKERT: I’m Bob Peickert, P-e-i-c-k-e-r-t.

I’m a resident of Elmhurst and the 17 chair of the demographic party of DuPage County.

As my son’s teachers have taught him, consider the context.

Later it happens again, even though in the same paragraph the word “Democrat” shows up in the transcript:

In the 2008 general election, again, for the first time ever in DuPage County, a demographic presidential candidate received more votes than the Republican candidate by a similar margin. That same election saw three democrats elected to the county board, the first time three democrats served on the county board in approximately 37 years.

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