Those New McHenry County Legislative District Lines

What has happened in Crystal Lake is pretty incredible.

The lines the Democrats have drawn will give Crystal Lake three state representatives and three state senators.

Four state representatives, if you want to count the one Dorr Township precinct on Crystal Lake’s far northwest side, which will continue to be represented by State Rep. Jack Franks, the local Democrat who had his district least affected by the remap.  That is, unless he decides to run for Congress.

The new lines drawn by the Democrats do not follow township lines.

Here are the inexplicable lines the Democrats are using to divide Crystal Lake into three of four districts.

Pam Althoff’s district, for instance, coming in from the north, dips below the east-west northern line where Algonquin and Grafton Townships meet Nunda and Dorr Townships to pick up the Algonquin and Grafton Township precincts which surround Crystal Lake. Mine is one of those.

Look at the northern senate and house district line, which is Franklin Street, right in front of Crystal Lake Central High School. It splits Algonquin Township Precinct 10. Both Mayor Aaron Shepley and County Board member Donna Kurtz live north of Franklin Street.

But, even more curious, Shepley and Kurtz both live on South Walkup Avenue, but on opposite sides of the street.

Shepley ended up in Althoff’s state senate district, while Kurtz will reside in State Senator Dan Duffy’s district.  State Rep. Mark Beaubien will also represent that eastern part of Crystal Lake.

At least the legislative district line which separates my precinct just south of the Crystal Lake follows State Rep. Mike Tryon’s and my precinct boundary.

Below is the district State Rep. Mike Tryon lives in now. He could decided to more a couple of blocks north into a district dominated by McHenry County voters.

The Democrats reapportionment map for District 66. Mike Tryon lives on its northern edge. Click to enlarge.

It dips into northern Kane County into precincts I found friendly when I represented them in the 1970’s.

The district that runs north from Crystal Lake also includes part of Antioch.  The state representative for Antioch is JoAnn Osmund.

There is a gerrymandered district that runs from Zion to Round Lake around central Lake County numbered 61.  I don’t know enough about Lake County politics to know what Democratic Party Chairman Terry Link is trying to do there.

That district running north from Crystal Lake, numbered 64, looks like this:

This district that runs from Crystal Lake north to Antioch bears the number 64. That's what Mike Tryon's district is numbered now, but he doesn't live in it.

There’s another state representative district besides the four mentioned above (Jack Franks’, the two splitting Crystal Lake Mike Tryon might run in and the one where Mark Beaubien lives).

It takes the heavily-voting Sun City part of Huntley, plus some more, and runs south around the 65th District in which Tryon lives to St. Charles.  I figured this was a natural for Tim Schmitz.  He represents the Kane County part of Sun City now.

Where the Democrats drew the lines in the Huntley area.

The 65th District’s lines can be seen below:

No one would accuse the 65th District on being compact. It goes from Huntley around Elgin all the way to Route 59 in DuPage County.

This story would not be complete without showing the other two state representative districts. The one where Mark Beaubien lives is numbered 52. It looks like this:

Bafrrington Hills' Mark Beaubien lives in this District 52.

Finally, let’s look at Democrat Jack Franks’ district:

State Rep. Jack Franks didn't do as well in Spring Grove as he hoped, so he cut the area out of his new 63rd District.


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  1. This really is another proud moment for the State of Illinois. The Dems (and I know both side do it) are trying to take the wind out of Tryon’s sails…and the end result is that he won’t represent me any more…and I have no choice. This is how politicians beat representation…they just redefine it….Every one in our current district should make an effort to ensure he wins his new territory. However this remains total undeniable HORSE HOCKEY

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